Neither Rain Nor Sleet Nor…awww screw it….

Lately the US Postal Service has been in the news for excelling at losing money. In fact, last year it lost $8.5 Billion (yes B).

What does this have to do with cubicle life? Really nothing directly, but it does parallel many businesses…except businesses that operate like this go the way of the dinosaurs.

Many people, including our fearless leader Barry O want to do away with Saturday delivery to save money. I say, go for it, but don’t stop there. I’d just assume they also do away with Tuesday delivery.

Tuesday? Why Tuesday?

Tuesday, otherwise known as Junk Mail Day, is the day that all companies who haven’t recognized that their mailers go straight to the circular file send out their “special offers”.

Case in point: Yesterday (Tuesday) I received not one, but two, mailers from our local gym offering me a killer get-your-ass-out-of-the-cube-and-on-a-treadmill deal. Something about no initiation fees and monthly dues equivalent to two grande non-fat lattes. Yes, I received two…someone clearly is trying to tell me something. Two is a waste of money and typically I’d have to blame the gym for sending two…but not in this case.

In a prime example of how the Cliff Clavinesque Post Office works, not only did I get two of these fat burning offers, but neither was actually for me or my address. In fact only one was for an address on my street – some 8 houses away. The other was for a couple blocks away.

Nice job Post Office employee, why don’t you take Tuesday and the weekend off from now on.


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