Dear CV – I don’t want to be the office jerk

Dear CV, a colleague insists on emailing me and then dropping by my cube to explain what has just been emailed. Not only do I usually not have time at that very second to drop everything for my CW’s whims, I don’t really do small talk either.  How do I rid of/discourage them without becoming known as the office jerk?

Cindy, Let me guess you have a dog named Shithead right?  Get it? Jerk. Shithead.
(Last paragraph first sentence of Plot)
Never mind.
Seriously though, who cares if you are known as the jerk? Work isn’t about making friends. It’s a means to an end and about making money. This CW’s warped version of redundancy is a waste of time and annoying. I’m sure you aren’t the only one he’s/she’s doing this to as well.
So, try this. When CW sends you and email, immediately drag it to your junk folder. When CW comes by say, “ummm what email?” Do this 2 or 3 times and CW will be too busy with IT trying to figure out why only his/her emails go to your junk folder.


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