Dear CV – How many ways are there to do a report?

Dear CV,
My boss keeps asking me to produce reports for him.  That’s normal, but they seem to be relatively random.  The topic pops into his head and he throws it over to me – “Hey Amy, would you be a doll and summarize this for me?”  I know I have to do it…it’s my job, but the problem is every time he wants something different.  He’ll say he wants it a different way, take a look at it from another perspective, would you mind redoing it but how about like this way?  I can’t take it anymore.  What do you suggest?

Dear Amy,

Doll?  Does he seriously use that?  Does he use it in a condescending way or are you really cute?  Wait never mind.  Anyway…
You know what this reminds me of?  The movie Office Space and the dreaded TPS Report.  Some bosses use this tactic as a power play.  The Man keeping his people down.  Let’s face it, you can go on for days like this: Give him what he needs.  Wait a day.  He’ll suggest looking at it from a different angle. Redo the TPS report and wait for your next instructions.  An exercise in futility.

Or, you can make this process work for you.  My suggestion is to take this as an opportunity.  Why don’t you get the work done and get into your boss’ good graces.  Basically take his last suggestion and make it so.  Then send it to him and suggest that you meet and discuss – a working meeting.  When you come out of that it will all be done and how he likes it.  Plus, your will have made your boss look good.  And, that will put you in a good spot not only with him but with the other bosses in the company.  They are always looking for people to strengthen their team and help make them look better.  Play your cards right and you may get a new boss.   Or, you can always set fire to the building like Milton.  Let’s go with plan A instead.


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