It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…yeah CHRISTMAS!

I love Christmas. Parties with friends. Fires in the fireplace. Hiking through the woods to get the tree. Giving…and receiving presents. Heck, I even enjoy spending time (a little bit anyway) with all the relatives – even those like Cousin Eddie. After all, nothing says Christmas with the family like, “Shitter was full”.

Christmas was originally a holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus. However, it’s evolved into a cultural holiday focused less on religion and more on that big jolly fat dude named Santa who brings presents.

Now when it comes to religion my motto is, believe whatever you want to believe (including believing in nothing), worship where every you want to worship (including family room). I’m pretty open in reality. I really enjoyed my religious studies class in college (yes it was a requirement) and learning about other cultures. In fact, if you take your blinders off, you’ll realize that all religions and beliefs have so much to offer in making us “better people”.

But, if there is one thing that chaps my hide it’s Political Correctness. The great old USofA’s pendulum of what is acceptable and what is offensive has swung so hard that it’s flown off and shattered into a million multicultural pieces.

It doesn’t matter if you are talking about your neighborhood or your work. We no longer are we allowed to have Christmas Parties. No more Christmas tree. Christmas Carols? Nope, holiday songs or just plain caroling. Today we send out cards to friends, family and people we do business with showing our cute families emblazoned with the words: Happy Holidays!

Oh but it get’s worse. Teachers in the City of Stockton, California and the Lincoln Unified School District have been told they can’t have displays in their classrooms with blatantly offensive material such as Santa, Christmas trees, or even that dangerous religious plant the poinsettia. Yep, it’s true we must remain sensitive to everyone, because God (er Allah, er Buddha, er whatever) forbid we offend someone.

Hey, at least snow flakes and snowmen are safe. Wait, yesterday they were OK…are they still today? And, what about those underrepresented snowwomen or transgender snow people? Can’t leave anyone/anything out right?

Seriously, are we supposed to give Secret Snowman, -women, -people instead of Secret Santa gifts?

While we’re at it, maybe we should go ultra-PC and eliminate them all and go with the bland celebration of the Winter Solstice. Oh crap, for our friends in the lower half of the world, the holiday in December would actually be the Summer Solstice (toilets run backward, cats and dogs living together, it’s utter chaos down there).

Now, as I’ve been ranting for a bit here, let me reiterate, I have NO issues with other religious beliefs (full disclosure I don’t go to church at all, but do have my beliefs). I like history and learning about other cultures. So, please don’t send hate mail this direction. But, here’s the deal: I am someone who grew up with a Christmas Tree, Santa, and A Charlie Brown Christmas on TV. And, yet somehow I have no issues with people who celebrate Kwanzaa, Hanukkah (or is it Chanukah?) or anything else. Heck one of my favorite songs this time of year is Adam Sandler’s Hanukkah Song.

Further full disclosure: I have plenty of issues, but your religious or holiday beliefs are not one of them. It doesn’t bother me if you display your Menorah or your Kinara, or whatever. And, if you want to wish me Happy Hanukkah, Merry Kwanzaa, Happy Holiday’s, or even Yo Enjoy The Company Shutdown Week Off that’s cool.

But, in turn I am not going to feel guilty about having my Christmas Tree.

Or, for wishing you a

Very Merry Christmas


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