Hallelujah! Holy shit! Where’s the Tylenol?

T-minus 2 days until we leave the cube for the Christmas holiday.  I’m sure many of you are enjoying this week as it’s often a relatively slow one filled with company parties and department lunches (fyi, in case you didn’t see my tweet – my department holiday lunch has been scheduled…for late January <headdesk>).  In addition, many of you are taking next week off to hang with the family (aka do the chores your wife put on the honey-do list).  So, while you enjoy built in excuses for drinking at lunch and have plenty of time to surf the great internets, I thought I’d make it easy on you and provide a couple short time wasters.

In my blog post a couple weeks back  I gave you a glimpse into one of my all time favorite Christmas movies, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.  It’s a classic, and one I highly recommend for the whole family.  In fact, we have a tradition of watching it on Christmas Eve with the whole CV household.

In addition to Clark W. Griswold’s Christmas tale, I have another favorite.  This one, however is more of a guilty pleasure.  It’s Love Actually.  I know, I know your thinking – CV say it aint so, how can a strapping, good-looking cubicle-dweller like you enjoy a (gasp) Hugh Grant movie?

Well, guess what, he has some good ones.  Yes, many are considered “chick flicks” and rightfully so.  But, Love Actually, while primarily being a love story set during the Christmas season, has some great humor in addition to the love stories, which are plentiful. And, while it doesn’t have much, if any, cubicle guidance, it does have one of my favorite all time scenes.  A great father-son (OK stepson) pep talk, seize the moment, you don’t want to look back and regret not having said how you feel scenes.  And, it ends with one of my favorite quotes of all time: “Let’s go get the shit kicked out of us by love.”

Now, back to Christmas Vacation.  It does have an underlying “work” theme.  Our hero, Clark W. Griswold just wants to have a good, old-fashioned family Christmas with that one big, surprise family present under the tree.

As Clark goes through his work day he’s presented with what can only be a foreshadow to the TPS report from Office Space and says what many of us would like to say to The Man, but don’t.  I bring you the – Kiss My Ass scene.

Meanwhile, Clark is counting on that Christmas Bonus, which unfortunately (spoiler alert), doesn’t quite come through.  And, that brings me to another all-time favorite scene.  A scene that many of us are going to play out this week as we wait and hope for that Christmas Bonus which is probably unlikely for most.  The scene known as: Where’s the Tylenol?

So, while you enjoy that post holiday department lunch cocktail buzz, enjoy these clips at your desk and plan on watching these movies with your family.

Merry Christmas.


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