Dear CV – How do I get CW’s to use indoor voices?

Today’s Dear CV comes to us from the Twitterverse

Dear CV,

Saw Dear CV feature on CubicleViews blog. Any advice on getting CWs to use inside voices – when INSIDE the cubescape?


Dear @CausalComments

Loud people in confined spaces piss me off.  Heck people in general often piss me off.  But, let’s see how we can help solve this specific problem.

First off, thanks for reading the blog. You are one of a small, select, but hopefully growing crowd of readers (Rest of you…you don’t know what your missing. Well actually you do since you aren’t reading it. Oh never mind.).

I’ve actually thought about this a lot. We have a ton of people who are loud talkers in my world, but Cubicle George is the worst offender.  And, my pondering how to deal with it has led me to 2 options. First:

Although this would be satisfying, especially if you cram a rag into his mouth first, you just may end up with legal action.  So, while legally I can not, do not, will not endorse this behavior. But, should you proceed…take pics.

So, that brings the other option which would be diplomacy. Example: Hey Blow Hard George, you know I was at the other end of the building and I could still hear you? Your voice carries something fierce. In fact, Sally Secretary was blasting you saying how distracting it is. You know she’s the big man’s secretary so you best tone it down or get a conference room.  Really George, you don’t want to piss her off.

See what I did there? It’s called bring attention to the issue and deflect it to someone who is super scary and has power.  Thus, I’m not the bad guy and George will be chicken shit to cross Sally. Damn I’m good.


If you have any questions for me hit me up at any of the contact info on my About page.

And, be sure to check out my other fabulous advice suggestions on the Dear CV page.


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3 Responses to Dear CV – How do I get CW’s to use indoor voices?

  1. So, while I would NOT advise being a jerk on a regular basis, it might be something simple…handling it at the lowest level. A) Headphones are your friend. B)They may not know how obnoxious they are, so asking to shut it. C) A subtle “note” on your cube–“I can’t hear myself think! STFU!” 🙂 Or, you could take the passive aggressive route of leaving little “use your indoor voice. We’re not on a playground” note on their keyboard after everyone leaves for the day.

    • CubicleViews says:

      Thanks for the suggestions “Bleeping”, and for reading!
      I fully support headphones-see Cube Tunes-so am totally down with A). And agree that being a jerk in general tends to escalate things but unfortunately at times is a necessary last resort.
      Again thanks!

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