Friday is the new Monday

Fridays. That glorious last day of the work week. After having slogged through the hell of Monday, the apathy of Tuesday, the hump-day otherwise known as half-way-there-Wednesday, and the oh yeah it’s Thursday you know what that means…tomorrow’s Friday! The day that is the official weekend kickoff.

Friday is the day when most people, well…let’s face it, give a half-assed effort. It’s the day everyone looks forward to. The last work day before punching out on the time clock and going home for that well deserved recurring two day vacation.

So, with so many reason to love them why am I beginning to hate Fridays?

Yes, you heard it right.

I. Am. Beginning. To. Hate. Fridays.

So who’s/what’s to blame?  It would be super easy to blame Rebecca Black, but in all honesty I cannot do that. While I’m sure she’s a very nice person, who just so happens to sing horribly and has caught on with many a radio station as a joke (jokes on you cause it get’s stuck in your head like a bad hangover), it would be wrong to blame her for my woes.

Nope, my problems are much more complex. The roots of my woes are both shallow and highly intertwined like that of a redwood forest.

Side note: Redwood forests are amazing. And, while I’m no tree hugger, I find them both awe inspiring and highly recommend spending some time with these ancient beauties. They, along with the mighty oak, are my top two favorite trees.
Favorite trees? Did I just type that for all the world (ok half a dozen readers) to read? Never mind.

My redwood forest is actually located in a nondescript business park and within the prefabbed office walls of our company headquarters.

You see my coworkers are the trees of this forest. Many are both shallow (think only of themselves) and very intertwined (political). Many are old (at least in their thinking). Many have super big trunks. Many live in their own little fog.

But, unlike the giant redwood standing tall and proud, many the trees in my company have developed an annoying habit:

Microwaving fish. Not using deodorant. Using the speaker phone on volume setting high in their cube. Talking extremely loud in cubeland. Having ring tones of their favorite boy band.

Manufacturing emergencies on Friday.

My company has actually been very successful during the tough times of the past 4+ years. No, not Apple successful, but we’ve done quite well thankyouverymuch. And, one of the prime reasons we have been successful is that most of us work very, very hard. My coworkers generally, despite all their “challenges”, actually are quite dedicated to their role and company. As are many these days, they are typically stretched pretty thin. And, like many things that are stretched thin they may tear, or in some cases break.

In my company when coworkers are stretched thin, start to tear, and sometimes break, it’s not pretty.  They usually create one helluva large blast radius and equally large resulting collateral damage. Unfortunately, this corporate version of the IED generally happens on Fridays and always seems to be close to my 3.5 non-blast proof walls.

About a month ago I lamented to a coworker that Fridays were starting to piss me off. The coworker says – “What??? Are you on those drugs they grow up in the redwood forests?”

To which I said, “of course not, millions only a few people with scrapes of paper valid prescriptions from the hobo on 3rd street legitimate doctors can get those for partying with friends medicinal purposes.”

And, then I explained it to my coworker. You see, every Friday…no really EVERY Friday, you can count on at least the following:

  • Customer escalations which have been brewing for months yet seem to only ripen on Fridays.
  • Shit storms that Cubicle George creates which, despite his jackassness, seem to showcase him and at the same time make me and my coworkers look like morons at best.
  • Executive emails at 4pm stating, “Hi CV, I got this message on Monday, and well forgot about it until I was packing my bag and getting ready to head to my Chateau in Lake Tahoe. And, as I know you were just going home to your house on the “other” side of the valley (where everyone has a mortgage of about $1m for 3 bedrooms) and probably hang with your kids…ummm, wait, you do have kids right? Anyway, can you fix this for me. Thanks and have a nice weekend.”
  • The boss man drops by and says, “you know that report that we’re (you’re) sending off on Monday, well I’ve been thinking about it finally, because as you know I’m so busy and I was hoping you’d do it this way (polar opposite of what you had already agreed upon and done weeks ago, because you, unlike others, don’t wait until FRIDAY).”

At this point coworker says, “damn you’re right, Friday’s do suck.”

In all seriousness, I fully appreciate people being busy and sometimes things do fall through the cracks. But, come on, does the shit always need to hit the fan on Friday while I’m standing in front of the fan trying to cool off because one of my coworkers is freezing and has turned up the heat in our cubeopolis?

I’d really like to have my Fridays back. Is that so wrong?

P.S. Happy Monday.

P.P.S. Don’t fret I slapped myself on your behalf for pointing out that your one happy day isn’t so much.


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5 Responses to Friday is the new Monday

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  2. Good to know I’m not the only one that gets to deal with shit storms! great post!

  3. I will be sending the link for this to my husband, since I just got a text saying he will either be at work all night tonight or will be going in first thing tomorrow to get ‘the shit storm’ of work that just hit his inbox done.

    • CubicleViews says:

      I feel for your husband. For me this all started a little after midnight with some APAC coworker jackass who was texting me.

      And it’s only gone downhill from there.

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