Dear CV – Risque dress and copy machine woes

Today, what with baseball season getting ready to swing into full gear soon, I proudly present you with a Dear CV Double Header.


Dear CV,

I’m in another dilemma! A colleague an I are traveling today. We are meting with a board of directors in the morning. My colleague dresses a bit risqué at the office. I have been assigned the unpleasant task of making sure she dresses appropriately? Help!

30s Girl

Hey @30sGirlProbs

Welcome back and thanks for sending in another question. Your name is clearly accurate as you seem to have quite a few problems challenges opportunities? Anyway, despite not having a lick of therapy training (although many say I should go to therapy), I’m here to assist.

An interesting dilemma. While in general I am in favor of suggestive dress (duh, I am a guy), like most things, there is a time and a place. I say you nip this one in the bud (ha ha I said nip) and tell her straight up that she needs to dress classy business professional, however she should also not hide that she’s a lady. Dressing risqué may help her cause in the short run as the board will only be thinking of one thing. After all, showing a little skin often gets a lady what she wants in this world.

Now hang on all you fem-nazi’s who are clicking madly getting ready to send hate-mails to me. Please wait. I didn’t say it was right, nor do I encourage it (at work), but it’s a fact that it’s generally a male dominated work world. It’s unfortunate really.

So, tell her to dress like a lady. Leave them with the impression that not only is she a lady, but she is one helluva smart one. THAT will get her to places far better than showing skin will.

I hope this helps. BTW as a guy, trust me on this. There is nothing hotter than a highly confident, smart, professionally dressed lady. Trust me.


Dear CV,

The copier beeping is the exact same frequency as my alarm clock. My poor brain can’t handle it. Any suggestions?


Hi Hot Girl…how you doin? I seem to have found a niche in blog readers here. (focus CV)…
Honestly, this is an easy one. A well placed letter opener shoved firmly into the little speaker slot on the copier (no do not shove into your ear) will take care of the lickity split.

As for the alarm clock.  That’s all part of growing up unfortunately. However, there is a solution. I have an app Nightstand which has a very please set of audible alarms. I’m a big fan of “Birds” because it reminds me of spring and summer. Flowing water is nice, but in the morning it will make you really have to pee (and you all know from yesterday’s post that I have bathroom issues).

Got a burning question? Need some advice? Never fear…CV is here! Shoot it over to me at


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4 Responses to Dear CV – Risque dress and copy machine woes

  1. Yeah, I’d use my phone app but I have this nasty habit of leaving my phone conveniently under my pillow for late night texting. Well, being as the android is an extension of my arm, I not only learned how to turn it off while still not actually waking up, but even upon adding a math question, still managed to answer and pass back out. The need for an actual alarm was obvious and as such, is kept aaaaaall the way in the bathroom so I have to get all the way up to deal with it. Once I’m in there, sleepy zombie Hot Girl usually decides that a shower would feel magical.

    As for breaking the copier, that sounds like a good idea. It’ll get fixed eventually but it might take about a year and I’m the only one who knows how to do anything as far as technology beyond opening Internet Explorer (*shudder*). Plus, I like my hearing…

  2. 30s Girl says:

    Dear CV,

    Once again you provide me with valuable insight. You are correct, I do encounter many “situations” which require the advice of a 3rd party. I work in a man’s world no doubt. Banking and brokerage firms? Does it get any more “good old boys” than that? I appreciate your insight, because as you stated and as I had clearly gathered, you are a male and you know how my peers think. However, I consider you an ally. You are sort of the life coach for “Team 30’s”. Your advice was helpful for the dilemma at hand, but it also helped re-emphasize the importance of a woman utilizing her best assets, but with class. Sure those board members thought we were cute, but cute doesn’t get you very far if their bottom line is dependent on the numbers you are presenting and you bomb the presentation. So, in summary, we nailed the meeting (but not any of the directors – gotta keep it klassy) and certainly made it more interesting by letting them enjoy the view. CV, thanks for being there! I look forward to more posts and I’m sure to encounter more dilemmas. Sincerely, 30s Girl

    • CubicleViews says:

      Team 30’s Life Coach, I am honored and will do my best to get you through the decade. I hope to have something to add and help as my 30’s, while barely in my rear view mirror, just may have been my best. So far!

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