Dear CV – I need to get out of this meeting

Dear CV,

One of my coworkers who runs a project has weekly status meetings that probably 10 of us are invited to attend. When I say invited, I really mean have to attend – it’s a pretty high profile project. The problem is his meetings are useless. Every week 80+% of the meeting is going over the same items we discussed last week and the week prior.

Help me get out of these meetings!

-Better Things To Do



I think we all have these types of meetings…and they drive me nuts. This is why I always bring my laptop so I can multitask.

Anyway, I find that for the most part the prime intent and outcome is that the project manager/owner/blowhard is only propping himself up to make sure he looks better. It’s pretty much a “they have deeper issues and need to feel better about themselves” type of of situation. One thing you can do is figure out what they feel crappy about (relative to himself) and expose it! Pound it home!
OK that’s really not very nice, but may feel good…and may get you fired.

Take 2…

So, here’s my suggestion…assuming this project isn’t your whole job, get someone else – preferably outside of your company that you work with – to call a meeting with you. Suggest that it overlaps the same blowhard’s meeting time. And, make it critical that you participate in it. Then, send your input for the blowhard meeting in advance and apologize for not being able to attend.

BAMM! That’ll get you out of the meeting…at least for this week.


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5 Responses to Dear CV – I need to get out of this meeting

  1. Brilliant. Can I have your assistant set up a meeting? I’m guessing this will obviously be critical.

  2. Abe says:

    My company had a golf league before things … well … before the dark times. I shared a cube with a friend at the time and we decided to be teammates for the league. So I invited him to a weekly meeting every Wednesday from 1-5pm so nobody could try to get us into meetings and ruin our afternoon. It was fantastic!

    • CubicleViews says:

      That’s just awesome. Except for the sharing cubes thing. All I can picture is jail cell bunk beds and I wonder…were you on top or bottom (pun fully intended)?

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