Sometimes Even Life’s Lemons Make Shitty Lemonade

I’m a family man. Like all families, we have our challenges. Some are huge and life changing. Others are small annoyances. But, in all cases we keep on keeping on down the path life takes us. People often talk about the meaning of life. Is there a goal? Is it the journey? Heck I’ve even talked about The Secret of Life.

This weekend I watched a movie about another family and it’s challenges. Nothing like misery loves company I guess. But, I didn’t pick this flick. Mrs CV did.

Mrs CV: Let’s watch a movie.
Me: OK, what do you want to watch?
Mrs CV: I’ve heard great things about Incredibly Loud & Extremely Close.
Me: Who’s in it?
Mrs. CV: Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock…
Me: Christ this isn’t When Harry Met Sally part 2 is it?
Mrs. CV: No, no. It’s about a kid dealing with losing his dad on 9/11
Me: OK sure, what do I have to lose cept 2 hours of my life.

Incredibly Loud & Extremely Close is a movie about a family, more accurately a boy, who is dealing with the aftermath of what he called “The Worst Day Ever.” The boy, in his grief, sets out on a journey to better understand his Dad and try to make sense of things.

Like many movies, the plot uses a specific storyline to guide you down a path toward a conclusion which may often make you think about yourself and your own life.

IL & EC isn’t an academy award winner in my mind. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good, but it isn’t a “holy shit that was a good movie” movie.

It’s subject is on that pretty much everyone over the age 15 actually remembers seeing fold out on TV or, god forbid, in person. The way it unfolds on the silver screen 52″ LCD is very well done. And the kid does a great job of acting. The director, Stephen Daldry (Billy Elliot among other titles to his credit) did a great job with the kid and the cinematography. No seriously, the cinematography was really, really good.

Yes, this movie has it requisite tear-jerker moments, especially if you are a parent. And, for me…that’s what got me thinking. No, I didn’t cry.

Confession: I typically only cry at the last out of the World Series – even if the winner isn’t my team. Yes, I’m that dork. I recognize the blood, sweat, tears and yes even the hangnails that make the Cy Young winner miss a rotation. At least he’s not one of those “flopping soccer players.”
Yes, I do tear up for triumphs in sports. Don’t judge me any more than you already have.

It got me thinking about family. How short life is. How you just never know what may happen. How one minute, a change in direction, a missed bus, a trip and fall, could lead to winning the lottery or something worse…much worse. People say when life gives you lemons you should make lemonade. Well, sometimes no mater how much sugar you put in it, it’s still shitty lemonade. Yeah, I know that’s a glass is half seven-eights empty thought, but guess what…shitty stuff does happen.

My kids are finishing up school for the year. Another year down and one step closer to college – at least they better friggin be going to college. Don’t want them to end up as Hobos…although they are prepared.

Their days under my roof are numbered and dwindling quickly. Soon it will be just Mrs. CV and myself. Sure we’ll get to do lots of things we don’t today – like sleep in past 6:30 on a weekend as we won’t have to go to some kid sport event; or sitting in the rocking chair on my porch, sipping a whiskey and watching the world go by with the Missus by my side. But, I’ll also miss those days of sitting at the kitchen table hearing the kids giggle about how I’ve done something utterly embarrassing (which oddly enough happens often).

As schools let out for summer and your kids go off to have the time of their lives before the next time of their lives, make some plans as a family. Take some days off and go on vacation. Go to the lake, beach, river. Go get a big fucking soda in New York before the dumb ass bans them. Invite your friends and their families over for a BBQ.

Make an impact on your kid. Teach them. After all it’s your job…not the government’s. Your time with your kids is limited. Enjoy them while you have them under your roof and while they are willing to do things with you.


P.S. Not sure where all this sappy shit came from but I promise that it won’t happen again, or at least not often.

P.P.S. Hey Mrs. CV will you tell that jack ass kid to mow the friggin lawn already?


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12 Responses to Sometimes Even Life’s Lemons Make Shitty Lemonade

  1. The movie Reign Over Me had that same impact on me. Makes you stop and think…in the blink of an eye life changes. When I was 10 I experienced one of those moments first hand. Lost my dad forever and my mom for 2 years. It changes how you view the world in general and life as a whole. I’m forever grateful for the life I have lived, but always aware that it could change again in a heartbeat.

  2. free penny press says:

    Sappy or not it is reality.. the last of my 5 kids graduates next year then * gulp* I will have no more daily responsibilities as a parent.. wow, 26 yrs of having to tend to a child, gone.. went by hellified fast…I have had a great run (so far) and look forward to what other kind of mischief I can get into..(PS-I cried at that movie)
    One parent to another, High-five!!!
    now let me get my man-child to mow the lawn…

    • CubicleViews says:

      5 kids? Wow you must be on a farm. You know they have a cure for that now…just kidding. Good for you. Good luck with getting the man-child o mow the lawn. If there’s no kids to mow it, there’s gotta be some person of questionable immigration status or a neighbors kid around.

  3. annieboreson says:

    What a great post and excellent reminder. While I was raising my kids I never saw the end in sight. I was a single parent so after 26 years, I did feel like I needed a break from the sports events, field trips, overnights, and all the rest. Now that it’s over, I miss the banter and the fun times. For those who still have their kids at home, enjoy! Of course, I’m not complaining about this stage of life! It’s wonderful to have the time to explore all the things that were put on hold…like watching a movie.

  4. CubicleViews says:

    Thanks for the comment Annie glad you liked the post. 26 years huh? You musta been on a farm too or the kidlets just wouldn’t get out! Just kidding.

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  7. I love a movie that gets me thinking and this is one I’ll definitely have to add to my list. Of course, I’ll have to save it for a night when I am in the mood to watch this kind of flick but it does sound interesting (and I’ve heard good things).

    That being said, I won’t judge that you tear up at sporting events. We all have our moments 🙂

    Stopping in today from the Weekend Spotlight over at S3P. Thanks for sharing!

  8. My boys are getting to the point where they don’t need as much “daily care” — although, believe me, I know they still need parenting — but I’m starting to get a glimpse of life without the constant barrage of boy noise. Not sure I want it. Guess it’ll happen whether I’m ready or not.

  9. I love that you ended this with a reminder for the kids to mow the lawn. That’s teaching right?

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