The Weekly TPS Report – August 17

Here we are in the middle of August. Crap, what happened to Summer? Oldsters always say, “Time flies.” Well, I have news for all you youngsters…IT DOES! And, what’s worse is that it gets faster and faster with each passing year. So, what occurred in my world this week as it flew by at Mach 849…

  • The Olympics ended on Sunday with the Closing Ceremonies. Hey NBC, you have us watch some 4 hours of the closing coverage and odd musicians then air some “I used to be a Friend” series preview before you show the greatest band on earth (The Who) perform 30 mins later?
  • I found it interesting that of all the bands that performed at the Closing Ceremonies the only one with all it’s members was the Spice Girls.
  • You know that Andrew Ridgeley (other Wham! dude) was at home thinking – How is it that George Michael, with all his public sexual deviant behavior is on the world’s stage?
  • Last Closing Ceremony comment – all those musicians and you missed the single best, once in a lifetime opportunity? How could you NOT have Duran Duran sing Rio? Hello, they are British and the next freaking Olympics is in…wait for it…RIO!!!!! Dumbasses.
  • Whether you are an Assistant to the Traveling Secretary (hello Seinfeld) or a VP, I have no interest in having a conversation while you are doing your morning #2.
  • You’ve heard it here first. I claim responsibility for the word – Absofuckingtabulous. When the Oxford English Dictionary comes calling, I’m gonna be Mr. Burns rich.
  • Having people read my blog posts keeps me going. Having people comment…that’s like blogger crack. Two words: A. Dicting. Having the number 1 search term getting people to your blog being “Cousin Eddie Shitters Full”…priceless.
  • People often look to the heavens for a “sign”. I didn’t go looking for a sign, but was given two…yes 2! the other day. And, while Jesus didn’t show up in my cube yet. I still have faith, or a sense that he’ll come…or perhaps that’s just some coworkers microwaved fish.
  • Many people bad mouth Microsoft. Well, I’d like to say Thank You Microsoft. Why you may ask? Well, thanks to their forced upgrades/restarts/restarts/restarts I get a 15-20 minute break from work every week. Here’s to you Microsoft.
  • I’m going “Old School” when dealing with the Reply All happy coworkers. Because, I’m smart like that.

Finally, I have the honor of being the Featured Writer on Studio30+ this week. What is Studio30+? Well, put simply, it’s a gathering place for writers. A place where us electronic version of the 50’s/60’s beatnik’s can gather. A virtual coffee house for writers. Are you a writer? If so, join and tell Kelly (or via her twitter account) that CV sent you. No seriously, because she thinks I’m a troublemaker.


About CubicleViews

Observations, thoughts & random bitching about cube life, food, beer, wine, whiskey and sometimes politics. Living the dream in a 6×8 doorless polyester walled cell.
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4 Responses to The Weekly TPS Report – August 17

  1. free penny press says:

    Now here is where you & I differ.. Those re-starts work my last nerve because that means I have to re-start all 15 of the software programs I use everyday..:-) High Five CV for being featured..very cool indeed.. if I recover from this bout of summertime pneumonia, I’ll trot over to Studio 30..
    Good weekend to you over there on that other coast!

  2. Someone recently found my blog by googling “perpetually angry eleven year old.” Awesome! I’m pretty sure I’ve never described my daughter that way but there was a time period this summer … it’s like the internet knows us.

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