What’s Distracting Me Wednesdays

Like many of you, I read blogs and news sites throughout the day. I’m what I refer to as a “burst worker”. Basically, that means that I work really hard in bursts and then look for a brief break before getting back at it. Sometimes I’ll go for a short walk, but often I’ll surf the web looking for gems that make me laugh, think or just plain old give me a brief mindless break.

If you’ve been a visitor on my site for some time, you’ve hopefully noticed that I have an entire page called What Distracts Me which is dedicated to helping distract you. I update this page from time to time as I stumble across a site that I think is worthy of passing on which means it generally has good stuff all the time.

And, as you likely surmised by the title of this post, I’m going to hopefully pass on some love to other’s sites on Wednesdays…more or less. Best laid plans and all…


Many of us have had nightmares about being fired. You show up one day and get that message or drop-by from your manager stating, “Hey CV, do you have a minute? Can we talk in private?”

Immediate dread hits. Clearly it’s not going to be good news. Good news is meant to be shared. It’s meant to be public. So, my first thoughts tend to be doom.

Shit what did I do wrong? Crap, am I fired?

And, there’s good reason for dread about being fired. For the vast majority of us, if we’re fired, we’re fucked. After all, we’re not like one of those big time CEO’s from the likes of HP or Yahoo who’ve recently been fired, or I think the phrase is “Leaving to pursue other interests.” FIRED…we all know that’s what it is. But, these folks are lucky.

Wait, what? Lucky? How so?

See this is like the best thing that could ever happen to them. They’ve typically been there a few years or less and will likely get another gig pretty quickly. But, the real thing that makes them lucky is their contract. They all have a contract. Their contract typically sets them up for life with some massive balloon payment. Witness Leo Apotheker, former CEO (for a year) at HP, who reportedly landed over $9M for his year of contributions. This is Corporate America’s version of getting some big “I won a golf tournament” check handed over. This is the norm. We however most likely do not have contracts. We just go to a bar and drink ourselves into a stupor go home and cry. Then we’ll scan the want ads for another gig.

But, there is another way!

I came across a site a few weeks back via some tweets from @SevvyHounds I saw promoting it, which makes sense and all since the site that they were promoting was their own.

So, seeing as I was bored out of my mind listening to Cubicle George drone on all caught up in my work after having slaved over my laptop for hours and looking for a well deserved break I clicked on their site: www.sevvyhounds.com.

Holy crap this thing is right up CV’s ally. It’s basically an online miniseries about getting laid off…intentionally! Brilliant!

See typically, when one is laid off they are given a Severance Package. This is the commoners form of the contract that the CEO’s get only instead of $9M we’re lucky to get 9 weeks of pay for time served. Ok 9 days may be more accurate. But, what’s cool is that these dudes are scheming to actually get themselves laid off for the “Sevvy”. And, what makes this site/blog different is that it’s a video miniseries where each episode is around 5 minutes.

So, check them out and perhaps you’ll get some ideas!


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4 Responses to What’s Distracting Me Wednesdays

  1. free penny press says:

    Now this may right up my alley.. while I’m praying on half-bended knees my job will transfer with me to New Orleans, maybe a sevvy is what I really need, that way I can cut the fool for a good few months in NOLA and not worry about work and such.. Hmm, got me thinking her CV…:-)
    (love the videos)

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