WDMW – One Big Photo

For this week’s What Distracts Me Wednesday I bring you One Big Photo. This site is simple, elegant and just plain amazing. Essentially, all this site does is post high quality, really big photos submitted by the public.


This photo is both beautiful and moving, and particularly timely given yesterday’s date.

Photo courtesy of One Big Photo and the artist who took it.

When I say that the One Big Photo site is simple, that’s not a ding against it. Hardly, it’s a compliment. This site allows you to navigate with a simple click. Clicking takes you from one picture, to the next and to the next. Virtually all are brilliant – visually and in their content.

From nature to humanity these photos are stunning.  Well done One Big Photo for bringing these to the world. But, more important, kudos to all the photographers, professional or otherwise, who created these works of art.

Thanks for the welcome distractions from Cubeopolis.


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3 Responses to WDMW – One Big Photo

  1. Awesome site! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. free penny press says:

    Cool link..Thanks CV!!

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