WDMW – Palladia

I love music. I’ve talked about this often and have a whole page and set of playlists called Cube Tunes. So, in this week’s What Distracts Me Wednesday, I bring you Palladia, otherwise known as what MTV should have been.

Being a middle-aged guy it’s no stretch for you to figure out that I’m an MTV child. I very much remember where I was the day MTV launched. I was at my buddy Scott’s house and it was a summer night in August. And, being a summer night we weren’t in school (yeah we actually had a real 3 month summer, unlike the BS our school district is forcing on my kids and me today, but I digress). The song/video that launched the show – The Buggles’, Video Killed The Radio Star. How appropriate. Dude or Dudette who came up with that idea, you are the god of ideas.

MTV changed music forever. Videos to launch an artist’s next songs became table stakes. Artists who had no rights having a “hit” became overnight stars with their “one-hit-wonders”, because they had a cool video – or perhaps MTV’s video library was small and they had to fill the time.

Unfortunately, years ago, MTV took a turn for the worse. Personally, I have no idea what the M stands for anymore. Clearly not “music” as they don’t really show any music any more.

But, alas, there is another good option that, if you are a music lover like me, must watch – Palladia.

Palladia is what MTV totally should have become. They air all kinds of shows, concerts, and films. They resurrected one of MTV’s great creations – Unplugged. That’s where artists go acoustic in small venues. BTW, the old Nirvana Unplugged…an AWESOME must see. They’ve also revived the old MTV Storytellers – a show that’s kind of music’s E! True Hollywood Stories.

They show awesome concerts from Pink, the Foo Fighters, Roger Waters doing Pink Floyd, Rush, Dave Matthews, Brad Paisley, Kid Rock, Madonna, Sugarland, etc.

Some of the best shows are the music movies. Things like It Might Get Loud – a brilliant compilation of Jack White, The Edge and Jimmy Page. Holy Schnike!

They have the requisite concert festivals from the Isle of Wight to Glastonbury to Austin City Limits and everything between.

So, check your cable or satellite provider’s local listings for Palladia. Turn it up to 11 (because, well it’s one louder). And, kick back for some great tune-age.

Palladia. Epic. Awesome. Music.


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12 Responses to WDMW – Palladia

  1. I watch it all the time. Your right, they are what MTV should have been. I watched The Waltz not to long ago. It’s great to watch and remember how things used to be, when music was music and it had so much meaning to us.

  2. Audrey says:

    Your playlist is incredible! Thanks for sharing.

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  4. *Bleep* says:

    I LOVE that channel. The hubs and I watch it all the time, scanning through the various concerts so we can relive the glory days. Best channel on the planet!

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  7. Turn it up to 11 (because, well it’s one louder), Spinal Tap. Thank you.

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