WDMW – Pandorify…wait, what?

I’ve often talked about how much I like music. I even wrote another What Distracts Me Wednesdays about Palladia recently. I almost always have some tunes playing whether it’s at home, on my commute from hell, or while in the cube. You might say music makes me tic.

I have a music library that, well, would shock most. I can remember my the first album I bought with my own dough, Devo – Freedom of Choice, which was quickly followed up with AC/DC’s Back in Black (a must have for everyone into music). I also remember the very first CD I purchased, the Talking Heads – Little Creatures.

Now, everything has been transferred to my a quick digital library, which at a quick glance shows a huge variety of artists in all genres totaling well over 20,000 songs equating to over music playing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for over 58 days straight. Yeah, I like my tunes.

Typically while in the cube I however listen to one of two online services – Spotify or Pandora.

With all that tunage available to my iDevice you may ask, “CV, why do you listen to those services?” Well, put simply – ease. The reality is my iPhone only holds so much. And, I found that managing what was on my iPhone became cumbersome. Over time, I ended up listening to the 200ish of my favorites all the time. And, that tends to get boring.

Bring on both Spotify and Pandora which each have their place and fill a specific need for me.


To me, Spotify is amazing and a great way to share musical playlists with others – like Cube Tunes. But, the best thing that Spotify brings me is finding and listening to that one song that I’m craving. Sure, they don’t have everything (dreadful lack of Pink Floyd for example), but when I’m craving some Johnny Cash it’s there. Having an itch for Stevie Wonder’s Superstition…click.

Put simply, Spotify is best for when I want something specific.


Pandora on the other hand is more like my tailored radio station. For example, if I’m in an 90’s Alternative mood…click. And, I’m greeted with everything from Nirvana to Stone Temple Pilots and others from that era. But, in this case it’s relatively random. I’m never sure what will play next. I can tailor it by liking or not liking songs…it learns!

Put simply, Pandora is like a good satellite radio station that I’ve personally created.

So, either way, Spotify or Pandora, when I’m in the cube you’ll often see me wearing my coworker noise canceling headphones taking in some good tunage and, ironically enough, trying to not get distracted by my coworkers.


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6 Responses to WDMW – Pandorify…wait, what?

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  2. I need to do this more. I am so iPod, that I never listen to anything new. It has been something I am really lacking lately.

    • CubicleViews says:

      Well check out my Cube Tunes playlist and let me know what you think. Also, what kind of tunes do you generally like?

      • reptilesintheicecream says:

        I like all that music that other people are afraid to admit they listen to. In college it was Rick Astley. Now it is GaGa and P!nk, except I am not a 17 YO girl, so no one admits to it, but me.

        I like some harder stuff too, but mostly things I can sing along too.

        All time fave: Joan Jett’s Crimson and Clover.

      • reptilesintheicecream says:

        And of course, Elvis.


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