Updated: The Weekly TPS Report – Oct 12

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to the weekly wrap up and random thoughts…let’s get right down to it.

  • I really enjoy the Fall Classic, especially when the local teams are in the thick of it. Spring Training is great. But, all those months of games in the middle…
  • Going to have to turn the air conditioning on a few nights this week. Not because it’s warm out…hardly, we’ve actually got more Winter-like weather than Fall. No, I’ve gotta turn it on because with all this good TV my DVR is smoking.
  • I’m all for supporting breast cancer awareness, but I don’t have anything pink. So I’m going to wear this t-shirt every day for the month of October.
  • The other night I woke up around 2 am mind a racin and couldn’t get back to sleep. Clearly I didn’t drink enough that evening.
  • By the sounds coming from my coworker’s cube either her new iPhone’s has one helluva silent feature or she left a vibrator on her desk.
  • You don’t have to choose between Pandora or Spotify, be bipartisan.
  • Two ways to ensure your requests go straight into the trash:
    1. Yell at me via email.
    2. Send me a request via email in the middle of the night and then send another before 8am asking if I’ve done anything about it yet.
  • This week’s epiphany – I spend roughly 50% of my day waiting on others for updates and 50% of my day having people bitch at me for not having an update. The yin-yang of cube life.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.


P.S. – Take some time to watch this video. Yeah it’s kinda long (19 mins), but it is a remarkably well thought out speech by a very remarkable lady. If you like Newsroom, you will appreciate this.
Lara Logan you may be my newest hero.


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Observations, thoughts & random bitching about cube life, food, beer, wine, whiskey and sometimes politics. Living the dream in a 6×8 doorless polyester walled cell.
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5 Responses to Updated: The Weekly TPS Report – Oct 12

  1. WH says:

    Love your insight! The yin-yang of cube life is alive and well here. Great weekend to you too!

  2. I got yelled at today for not responding to a midnight request myself. I will toast you tonight Cubie!

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