The Weekly TPS Report – Nov 2

November. Really? This year is almost over? How the fuck did that happen? Whelp, even though the trees are dying, baseball is over (Yup…Giants!) and the Northern Hemisphere is getting darker, I’ve still got plenty going on. So, let’s get to this week’s wrap up and random thoughts…

  • Even though we’ve had 6+ mos to plan for this big ass event, I’m just getting around to opening the 157 status reports and I have 1 question…is it too late to change everything? – Cubicle George
  • I was watching the Ironman triathlon on TV last weekend and I thought, “I could totally do this. First step, put on my Timex Ironman watch. Second step…wait…no one said there was a second step?!”
  •  With the MLB done (Yup…Giants!) and the NHL a bunch of morons, all I have to say is thank God for the NFL and College Football because there’s no way in hell I’m watching the NBA.
  • Ever been curious what a Cascading Cluster Fuck of Captcha’s is all about? This.
  • The best thing about being the expert in 200+ things at work…that everyone calls on you. Oh wait, or is it that’s the worst thing…?
  • Country music women…yup.
  • US elections are next week. Get informed and vote please. And if you are in California, I know most of you are generally feel-good people who want to build a glorious utopia, but before you vote this year just like you have for the past umpteen years, stop and think about this for a moment.
  • “Hey, that’s an awesome outfit, what are you dressed up as?”
    “What do you mean? I’m not dressed up.”
    -Awkward Corporate Halloween Moment.
  • The way Mother Nature acted this week, it’s pretty clear she needs to get laid.

Have a great weekend. And, if you are a US person don’t forget to change your clocks (most of us anyway) and please vote, because if you don’t I don’t want to hear one bit of bitching out of you.


About CubicleViews

Observations, thoughts & random bitching about cube life, food, beer, wine, whiskey and sometimes politics. Living the dream in a 6×8 doorless polyester walled cell.
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One Response to The Weekly TPS Report – Nov 2

  1. free penny press says:

    November will fly by so fast then we will both be looking Saint Nick in the eye.. I may be wearing shades this year, he’s getting too damn expensive.
    I wish I could upload a picture her of what this one fool looked like at our “Halloween day” I kid you not, her costume was so cheesy (grown women are not cute dressed up as a ghetto Dorothy of Oz )
    Have yourself a great weekend and maybe the NFL will be bright!

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