The Soundtrack of My Life

If you’ve been paying attention over the past year+ you know that I’m big into music. Witness these posts as a few examples:

Lately I’ve been thinking about death.
Wait…did he just say death?

Partially, it’s due to watching too much Dexter (side note, you’ve gotta love his sister Deb. I mean any chick who can pull off saying, “Holy filet of fuck”, is ok in my book. But, I digress). Also, it comes from having to pull out my Will for some miscellaneous paper work that I needed to do recently.

Anyway, it got me thinking. Many people, including me, say they want their life to be celebrated when they die. I can only hope my family and friends will want to celebrate my life vs. cheer my moving on.

In addition to music, I also like movies (Here are a few movie related posts to peruse if you’ve got some spare time). One thing you’ve no doubt noticed with movies is that they all have a soundtrack. Some are just plain awesome and some suck horrible. Regardless, every movie has a foundation of music associated with it.

And, this got me thinking:

My life needs a soundtrack gosh dang it.

And, that brings me to this week’s What Distracts Me Wednesday (WDMW)…the building of The Soundtrack of My Life.

Typically soundtracks have a dozen or so tunes. Not mine. That would be too limiting for my middle-aged dude in suburbia fabulous life. Nope mine is gonna be big and bad. And, just like in life, it’ll be all about me. Like I’ve said many-a-time…music is like art, you may like it, you may hate it, but I don’t care and neither should you. Like what you like, that’s cool by me.

So, for my soundtrack I decided I would start with the year I was born and go year-by-year up to the present. I would find 2-3 songs in each year that were on the Top 100, but not necessarily the top song. I’d look for ones that meant something to me, or had some profound impact on me at that particular time of my life, or were just…appropriate. And, with each year that passes that I’m still enjoying this trip called life I’d add 2-3 more songs.

Then, when that unfortunate, but inevitable time comes, there’d be a party. A party with awesome food, great beer, wine and whiskey, and a bunch of kick ass friends and family all gathered around listening to some awesome tunes.

So for the past few months I’ve been taking it a year at a time creating this soundtrack. It’s got everything from Elvis, The Beatles and The Stones to Rush, Queen and Stevie Wonder just to name a few of many.

When this is all done, there will be all kinds of music from Rock to Jazz to Rap to Country.

Yeah, this is kinda morbid, but it’s also super fun to go back through all the years of your life and see what the popular songs were. And, while there will be no Karma Chameleon by the Culture Club, you can bet there will be some classically appropriate songs like: The Long and Winding Road by The Beatles and Stairway to Heaven by Zeppelin. There will also be some comical songs like: Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd and maybe, just maybe Highway to Hell by AC/DC and Runnin’ With the Devil by Halen.

Hey, if you don’t have a sense of humor what do you have?

So, if you’ve got some spare time on your hands, if you have a tad bit of a morbid bone in your body, and you’re into music, I highly recommend creating your very own Soundtrack of Your Life.

P.S. Turns out it’s a pretty good set of tunes so I can listen to the playlist at any time as well.

P.P.S. I can only hope that this soundtrack is a multi-volume, double album, super long retrospective.


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11 Responses to The Soundtrack of My Life

  1. Now that is a really good idea! Recently I set up and paid for my cremation. And it does start you thinking. I am not having a service, but I have told my daughter to have a big party and sit my urn right in the middle of it. Now I might just have to sit down and plan the music to be played. There really is nothing quite like looking at the end to make you want to check back into the past. This is something that I can really get into. Thanks.

    • CubicleViews says:

      Wait what? You setup and paid for your own cremation? I applaud your proactivity, but that seems even a tad more morbid than where I thought I was going. Not a bad idea at all and I fully understand why you’d do it, just don’t think I could go that far. Not sure I could wrap my head around my future burning.

      Anywho, I’m all for having a party to celebrate the life and more so for the setting up your wishes in advance.

      And, again, it’s totally fun “Reelin’ In The Years”…and slightly disturbing when you see what songs people thought were great at the time.

  2. free penny press says:

    Hmm.. I think I’ll do this.. I have already told my family they better not spend one farthing of my inheritance on a funeral. cremate me, put my remains in a hav-a-tampa cigar box and toss me out the car window on some interstate and they better have a kicking party or better yet, take a party cruise with my $$..I’m dead serious too..and listen to my “songs-of-my-life-playlist!

  3. workspousestory says:

    This is totally up my street. I’ve already created a soundtrack to my blog, and listen to it regularly!

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  5. I love the idea and am totally thinking about stealing it since I haven’t written for months.

    I can’t wait to see yours in it’s entirety. I imagine it will be like those Time/Life late night commercials where Air Supply is trying to get you to by the 300 cd pack of the greatest hits from the 80’s. If you keep paying they will continue to send the one cd a month and you can move on to the 70’s and so on.

    Probably Ozzie & Sammy Hagar would host your infomercial though.

    • CubicleViews says:

      Feel free to take the idea and run with it (and feel free to ref me!).

      And that is so how it would play out with Ozzie and Sammy on a late night infomercial.

      Of course if you “act now you’ll also get a free CV framed picture including the phrase: Cubeoppolis is much more tolerable when you share your cube with Jack Daniells.”


  6. lisa thomson says:

    I like this idea! Your song choices are fabulous. I have to give some serious thought to what would be on my soundtrack. I know for sure Dave Matthews would be on there somewhere!

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