Day 12 – It’s still here…and so am I!

Welp, today’s the day it’s all supposed to go down…or end…or go poof…and, guess what?

I woke up today. Normally that’s not an accomplishment, but what with the world ending today…it’s kinda shocking as I’d rather go in my sleep.

Then again, even though I’m on the west coast of the US, there’s still plenty of today left to have the world end and the Mayans claim victory.

Seeing as I quit yesterday, and therefore don’t have to go to work, I’m going to make the most of my time left. Sure is a shame today isn’t the in the summer (up here in the Northern Hemisphere)…it’d be so much better to have those long days with daylight sav…

Waitaminute…nah, that’s not possible…is it?

Well no one’s poof’d yet…the world is still here.

Seriously though, is it possible that daylight savings time and us changing clocks twice a year since like World War 1 and…OH SHIT…LEAP YEAR, I forgot about that, has screwed up everything?

Is it possible that all our fucking with time has screwed up the great Mayan calculation?

Is it possible that December 21, 2012 isn’t accurate anymore since the Mayans had no clue about that crap? With my luck it the actual date probably was like a May 6, 2012….That’ll teach us to f-with time. But, if it was May 6th, that would mean it would’ve happened already and we’re not all gonna die…

Clearly those brilliant pyramid makers wouldn’t have jacked-up this would they? I mean, if they were so smart, why’d their civilization up and disappear?

Uhoh! Shit! I put in my letter of resignation…

Crap, I wonder if bossman has seen the letter yet?

Well, perhaps there’s still enough time left in today, the 21st, that maybe we’ll still “poof” in the next few hours…


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7 Responses to Day 12 – It’s still here…and so am I!

  1. My sources say the end will arrive at the precise moment of the solstice: the precise moment when the sun has hit its most southerly point in the sky.

    Or 11:11 p.m. So really, we’re all just mostly dead all day.

  2. free penny press says:

    Does this mean I have to actually pay for that crap I charged to Am EX? Oi Vey!!!

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