The Weekly TPS Report – Jan 25

Crazy week here in Cubeopolis what with all the scheming, back-stabbing and general lack of teamwork. It’s pretty exhausting really. But, I’ve we’ve made it to Friday and my weekly wrap up and random thoughts.

  • In the “Things the Drive Me Nuts Files” – How lazy are you people? Common sense says that you should not reply all to an email then bring up a completely different and unrelated topic while not changing the subject line.
    I know, I know. There’s no place for common sense here…
  • Unlike many of you my company wasn’t shut down for MLK day on Monday. And, while I highly enjoy any holiday that gets me out of the office, I did stop for a moment and reflected on this holiday.
    For a brief moment, I thought: Dang, there’s absolutely no traffic today. My commute time is less than half normal. I’m tempted to ask HR to work every single holiday and swap those days for others.
    It was a brief thought OK?
  • Further in the “Things the Drive Me Nuts Files” – I get so frustrated at work sometimes. Things take so long to accomplish and are such a time suck that I get pissed off. I mean seriously, is there some corporate policy against having decent microwaves? Can’t we get a freaking microwave that don’t operate in dog years?
  • Not sure about the rest of you here in the U.S. but I’ve started getting all my tax forms in the mail and I’d just like to say that I’m still waiting for last year’s Thank You notes from the roughly half of you who don’t pay income taxes.
  • The great spectacle in global politics known as the Presidential Inauguration happened on Monday. Who knew that the long standing process of having a peaceful transition of power would come to an end with the greatest controversy this event has seen – Beyonce lip syncing.
    We’re doomed.
  • You say that you’ve been trying to email me for days and they keep bouncing? You think there’s a problem on my end? That’s odd as I’m still getting hundreds of other emails each day.
    Oh, I’ve got it! Perhaps you should try spelling my company’s name correctly.
    Yeah, that would do it.

Have a great weekend and rest up, because you get to do it over again all too soon.


About CubicleViews

Observations, thoughts & random bitching about cube life, food, beer, wine, whiskey and sometimes politics. Living the dream in a 6×8 doorless polyester walled cell.
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7 Responses to The Weekly TPS Report – Jan 25

  1. Oficinista says:

    It’s so sad. Cubicle life is just as rotten all over the world…

  2. lablover22 says:

    I’m not in a cubicle as I work from home- but I can give you a list of like 1 million things about kitchen table life that suck. How about having your laptop actually stuck to the freaking table because your kid is incapable of eating anything with syrup without leaving a trail along any surface nearby? Or maybe it’s trying to get work done while dog hair floats by in clumps eventhough you vacuumed 12 hours ago! I’m sure the smell from the dishes I didn’t get a chance to do last night rivals and cubicle-neighbor you might have. And having MLK day off? I didn’t. But my kids did. Having 2 monkeys added to the cubicle/kitchen was awesome- and by “awesome” i mean not awesome. at all.
    I feel ya!
    Vicky- The Pursuit of Normal

    • CubicleViews says:

      Working remote has its challenges for sure. And that one reason I am really only productive when the kids are at school.

      PS- sounds like your kids may very well be my coworkers. We have jelly and pb all over the break room counters.

  3. free penny press says:

    I have a list of “drive me nuts” things too.. I’ll spare you the gory details but yes, where the hell is my Thank you note? (*as I tap my foot at ultra fast speeds*)

  4. I lip sync’d for an entire day. No one noticed.

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