The Weekly TPS Report – Mar 1

Happy March everyone! Bring on the sun and the warm fun. Time to wrap this week up and toss it in the old garbage can, because it’s going to be a beautiful weekend (here anyway…sorry if you’re weather is gonna be sucky).

  • Believe it or not, I really enjoyed the Oscars this week. And, I’m a straight man.
  • Ways not to start your week – with an email subject line saying: We have a situation!
  • In other how not to motivate the troops news, this is not how to start a staff meeting – “On the bright side not everything is fucked up.”
  • I don’t care how much education you’ve had, none of it is practical in helping you open a dog poop bag while walking the mutt at 6 am during winter with no gloves on. It’s like that plastic is super glued closed.
  • I find it amazing that the great corporate collaboration productivity savior, aka the conference bridge, takes no less than 10 minutes to get up and running every freaking time you use it. “Hi, who just joined?”
  • Marissa Mayer made headlines again this week by ending the work from home option at Yahoo! And, while I believe that’s the right thing for the Y! folks, it’s very much not right for me.
  • Can anyone explain to me how this Sequester bull shit is different from the Fiscal Cliff bull shit? And, how is it going to be different from whatever this Summer’s bull shit will be called?
  • Related: Anyone who falls for the pile of crap that the lying politicians are giving you saying that they’ll need to cut police, fire, education and the amazingly effective TSA workers as a result of not dealing with the latest financial crisis is a complete fucking moron. People, I’m not brilliant, but there are plenty of things that they can cut without having my house burn down.
  • During my commute into the office this week I witnessed a common practice here in California – a motorcycle rider splitting the lanes. That’s the practice of driving down the lane line on your cycle to cut through traffic. What made it interesting this time was that traffic was moving around 40 mph and the cyclist was doing probably 55+mph. Oh that and he literally kicked the rear panel of a car he was passing presumably because he didn’t give him more room to squeeze through.
    The other thing that amazes me is that California, being one of the most overly regulated states is also the one of the only that still allows this highly dangerous practice.
  • My greatest accomplishment of the week? Picking up a bottle of Jack Daniels Single Barrel at Bevmo. And, it was on sale baby!

And, on that note…cheers friends. And, have a great weekend.


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Observations, thoughts & random bitching about cube life, food, beer, wine, whiskey and sometimes politics. Living the dream in a 6×8 doorless polyester walled cell.
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5 Responses to The Weekly TPS Report – Mar 1

  1. lablover22 says:

    Hey! I live in Cali too!! I’m in SoCal! San Diego to be exact. Of course I know where you live and what sweater you wore yesterday. So I got a ticket 2 weeks ago- not for poor motorcycle conduct, mind you. I was 2 cars back, stopped at a red light with my cell phone on my center console. I was playing my iPod through my Bluetooth and was changing a song. I got a ticket for looking at a video screen while driving. What a douchebag!! Really? Where was this cop when your motorcycle dude kicked another car!?!? California is lame. But I think we’re going to the beach after Tball and flag football clinic tomorrow- oh, so my ridiculous property taxes and fine for highly dangerous practices while driving went to pay for the sun to turn on this weekend? Ok, I’m fine with the $160 then.

    • CubicleViews says:

      The cell phone law is a joke only designed to increase revenue for the state.

      If you really want to make it safe ban talking on phone all together. Just having some blue tooth headset does nothing for safety and the distracted driver.

      Also, it’s ok to change the station on your car radio or use your gps in car or aftermarket device. Is changing a song different?

      No you shouldn’t text and drive. And I’d argue you shouldn’t talk on the phone at all.

      Oh btw we haven’t even touched eating in the car!

      Again it’s only about increasing state revenue.

  2. lablover22 says:

    Hey look! My comment worked!

  3. free penny press says:

    Sounds like your week could call for nothing but some good ole Jack..

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