The Weekly TPS Report – May 3

Sweet it’s Cinco de Mayo weekend. This combines a few of my favorite things: Mexican food and tequila with Corona chasers.

I think Monday is going to be extra ugly next week.

But, before we start doing shots lets wrap up this week.

  • Speaking of drinking, charity events with lots of alcohol are the best, because it’s for the kids.
  • There’s not much worse than trying to enter in a captcha on a website using an iPhone and dealing with autocorrect.
  • If you’ve never had a PB&J with plain Lays potato chips in the middle of the sandwich I ask, what’s wrong with you?
  • So a meth addict left me a voice mail this week. Of him singing. Freaking weird world we live in.

In this week’s Ripped From the Headlines file:

  • I don’t deny that the wealth gap between the haves and have nots in The States exists, is growing and is a problem, but according to this study the average white family in the US has a net worth of over $632,000. I don’t buy that at all-it just seems too high. And it’s clear this study wasn’t conducted within 10 miles of a Walmart, which pretty much means it’s bogus since they are everywhere. Seriously though, what do you think?
  • Much of the US political system (and much of the world for that matter) is pretty screwed up, but California is a special kind of F’d up. After all its not many states that spend $35m per mile for a train that goes from nowhere to just south of nowhere. Well at least our lovely Senator Feinstein will make a good profit and helping the expansion of the wealth gap.
  • This week Google released it’s iOS version of Google Now – an app that expands upon the Google search app giving you real-time weather, traffic on your commute route, sports scores, etc. It sounded cool so I got it. And, it WAS! Shocking I know as most of my readers realize I’m not a fan of the big G…Google…Government…coincidence? I think not. But, it’s good and I’m a geek at heart. Later that night I noticed my iPhone’s GPS icon on…hmmm. I closed ALL my apps manually and…still on. Here’s an example:
    Follow red arrow to little white arrow. ON!

    Follow red arrow to little white arrow. ON!

    Turns out others had this issue too and were vocal about it on the inter webs…along with the expected battery drain that would accompany the GPS being on constantly. Google is constantly tracking where I go? Say it ain’t so (insert eye rolls here). Google has denied it of course. Google Now is now deleted.
    Do. Not. Trust. Google.

  • Back in the day I must admit that Kris Kross made me Jump. Yes, it happened. I musta been drunk. It was a rough time in my life. I’m sure there’s some excuse…probably not. Turns out Kris (Chris Kelly was his real name) died this week. He was 34. He and his backward dressing partner were pretty much one hit wonders. If you are under the age of 20 it’s likely you have virtually no clue who this dude was. If you are over 20 and under 45 you probably have heard the song. Over 45…wait who died?Anyone dying is sad. Ok not serial killers, rapists and other devil reincarnations, they can go ahead and die. But, my point is this. Why did this make all the Breaking News cycles the other day? Front page of CNN…Fox…NBC and all the other 3 letter networks, magazines, etc.? Not to mention being all over the Tweeter Machine.We have major events going on daily like a very, very likely Benghazi cover-up at the highest offices of our land. People are killing other people on an almost daily basis in our malls, schools, movie theaters, airports and yes marathons. There are tons of people still homeless after the big winter storms in NY, NJ, etc.And, most important, we have soldiers dying every day in multiple godforsaken sand countries around this globe (hello Syria…are you going to be putting out the welcome mat for us soon too?).

    Let’s keep things in perspective. Kris (Chris) rest in peace. I’m sure your family and friends will miss you terribly. But, perhaps our news outlets could focus on some real news that will actually impact EACH of us for a change.

And with that, my rant is now over…time for some tequila and Coronas.


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3 Responses to The Weekly TPS Report – May 3

  1. free penny press says:

    People still use CAPTCHA.. that is so 2009..
    ranting is good especially when you can follow it up with booze..

  2. List of X says:

    Actually, the $632,000 net wealth could well be accurate. If you take the Walton family which owns Walmart and has net wealth around $100B, and 100,000 minimum wage Walmart employees who own next to nothing, on average every one of them has a million dollar net wealth.
    If you take out top 5%, the average net wealth of remaining white households will probably in the ballpark of $100K-150K, which is much more reasonable since it includes house equity, 401(k)s and other stuff we tend not to think of as wealth.

    • CubicleViews says:

      Good points all around. Part of my problem, with it essentially comes from what you laid out in that the stats are misleading in the least and, like anyone worth their salt, they make the stats help their cause. Unfortunately the press just runs with it and doesn’t question it like a good journalist should do with everything.

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