Repost – My Commencement Speech

This was originally posted about a year ago, but with many kids putting on the cap and gown and getting ready to head into the “real world” it’s still just as relevant today. And, as I have many new followers who maybe haven’t seen this before, I thought you’d enjoy how I might have given a commencement speech.
If I were asked to give one that is.



Talking with my kids tonight it hit me that there is only a couple weeks left in the school year. And, while they are a ways off from graduation and moving on (Unfortunately? Fortunately? Whatever), it got me to thinking back…long back to when I was graduating high school and later college. There was so much excitement to move on to the “next chapter” of my life.

After all these years, I’d like to think I’ve acquired some wisdom. Perhaps misguided wisdom, but nonetheless my experiences have gotten me to where I am today.

You all know that I like to “give back” to the world via my Dear CV segment (btw, it’s been awhile since y’all have sent me any pleas for help…hint…). So, I thought it appropriate to give my version of the Commencement Speech. There have been some doozies over time and, while I could never live up to the likes of Steve Jobs’ version I’d like to think I have something to offer to those who are about to venture out into the real world.

So, without further ado I bring you: CV’s Commencement Speech.


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9 Responses to Repost – My Commencement Speech

  1. free penny press says:

    That’s awesome.. You and Henry Rollins give the best advise to young people.. I say let you two team up and be the visiting speakers at as many graduations you can attend..

  2. CV I woke my wife up with my laughter. When she came in angry with her sleepy face i was still laughing and the only thing i could think to offer her was to watch your video. she passed and i am fucked. In the grand scheme of things i will say it was worth it. Nice work CV very nice.

  3. Watching that made my head spin in wonderment that I was so excited to get out of college. Yeah, that worked so well.

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