The Weekly TPS Report – May 24

WoooHooo! It’s a long weekend baby! The shit we live for. But, let’s put a nice bow old brown paper lunch bag on this week.

A few items from my bucket list:

  1. “CV, I have the President on hold for you…”
  2. Answering the phone, perhaps the same call above from the President, “CV, listen is this a secure line?”
  3. “And, the winner is…CV!” – delivered by some hot actress who will steal all the headlines from me for wearing her totally inappropriate dress.
  4. My own personal Wiki page, that most likely is more interesting than my actual life.
  5. A dog trained to bring me coffee in bed on weekends as well as being a former military dog hero.
  6. Receiving a text saying – The mission is a go. REPEAT, it’s a GO!
  • Finally recovered from last week’s travel escapades. You can read about Part 3 here.
  • Am I the only one who thinks Mackelmore is Vanilla Ice’s little brother?
  • In case you missed it, I reposted a blog from a year ago when I was given the opportunity to give the commencement speech to a bunch of college graduates. OK, so it was for the online University of Walla Walla’s, but any who, I think they were words of wisdom.

In this week’s Ripped From the Headlines files:

  • Whether people would admit it or not, it’s pretty much fact that for many, many years the press has been very biased toward the democratic agenda. But, that pendulum is swinging heavily this past couple of weeks. Why? Perhaps having our government getting caught spying on our own press, tapping reporters (and the parents of said reporter) phones, etc.
    Why were you tapping their phones? To hear them continue to praise your every move and blame Republicans for everything? All you needed to do was watch the evening news or read the paper.
    What’s that saying again?

Hell hath no fury like a reporter treated like a criminal?

  • I really hope that those who live in Oklahoma recover quickly.
  • I can’t wait until Newsroom returns for it’s second season on HBO this summer. If you haven’t checked it out yet, TOTALLY WORTH IT!
    And, with all the scandals happening in Washington lately, it’s clear they’ll have a Season 3, 4…
  • I was watching the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame replay on HBO the other night. RUSH!
    Also, I had forgotten how hot Nancy Wilson of Heart was.
    Perhaps The Boy will look back years from now and say the same of this girl. She kicks some serious Eddie Van Halen ass in this clip. You go girl!

For those in the US enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. Remember the prime reason for this holiday – all those who lost their lives serving our country to give us the life we enjoy  today.

Military peeps...I salute you!

Military peeps…I salute you!

And, if you aren’t from the US, don’t call us on Monday…we’ll be closed.


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2 Responses to The Weekly TPS Report – May 24

  1. free penny press says:

    Well yours truly is working some OT today (from home) and I’ll bet you a nickel to a doughnut I get at least 10 calls from a client in India acting all put off when I tell them the office is closed and whatever paperwork I do today will not be processed until tomorrow..
    Want me to start you a Wiki page?

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