Deep thoughts from a traffic light

People are…special. That’s a decent way of putting it. Perhaps another way would be to say people are confused. No I’m not talking I’m a girl trapped in a man’s body confused. Although that is seriously confused.

The kind of confused I’m talking about is politically confused. Having beliefs, whether religious, moral or political and being able to openly voice your opinions without fear of being persecuted for them is to a large degree what freedom is about. This, being the week where we in the US celebrate our country’s birth, it seems only appropriate to write a post about political confusion. Only, in this case I’m going to criticize not the beliefs, but the confusion some have in them. Actually, it’s more of an attempt to clear things up and set someone straight.

Presumptuous of me? Perhaps, but how about you hear me out and then feel free to have your own opinion.


It all started on my drive home and getting stuck at one of the bazillion red lights on my all too long commute. As I can’t use my iPhone to skim and delete the 20 or so emails that have come in since I’ve left the office, because…that…would…be…illegal here in California even at a red light. But, low and behold I was given something else to read. A car.

A car you say? Yes, a car. Or perhaps more accurately stated, the 16 bumper stickers plastered on it’s ass end.


At first glance you would say, this person is a tree-hugging communist loving leftist. That would make sense. But, then I got thinking – it was a long light – and I thought I’d share my premise on how this person is confused. Plus, if I shared it with the driver I’d likely get road-raged to death.

Let’s take a look at a few shall we?

US Troops Out Of The Middle East
Yes, it was the evil Bush who started the Iraq and Afghanistan activities and yes Obama has reduced the overall count, but we’re far from getting out of the Middle East not to mention we’ve got a ton of military contractors that aren’t counted in the number of “boots on the ground”. Also, you do realize that we will have a contingent group of military (estimated to be about 9k) in Afghanistan for more or less ever at Bagram. After all it’s a great launching point for the future.

My America Doesn’t Torture
Sure there was water boarding and places like Gitmo. Well Gitmo is still around and thriving (at least in the amount of money spent yearly $900k per inmate per year). And, while water boarding is gone (at least on the record) there’s a new tactic. Forget torture the new game is vaporize by way of drone. I guess if you never saw it coming it’s not torture.

Don’t Bomb Iran
Of course we’d never do that. We’ll have Israel do it for us. It’s happened in the past, its essentially about to happen now. And, while we didn’t do it and publicly would condone such an action, we supply all the gear and the training, so…is there a big difference? And, in the off chance we decide we need to bomb Iran low and behold we’ve got a summer cottage right next door in Bagram.

Regime Change
Tough to argue that. Wait, which regime? The Egyptian, Libyan, Korean, Venezuelan, Cuban, etc.  Or, the Bush one that’s gone? Woohoo! Or the Obama one that will be gone in a few years? Hey, it’s America and no none of them are a regime, but even if you think so, like the weather in Colorado, it’ll change soon. I feel it’s only fair to clarify which evil dictator you are blasting by way of your bumper.

We Are The Rogue State
Given the happenings all started by the so called whistleblower named Snowden, I think many countries would agree with that statement. Never mind they all do it and are being incredibly hypocritical, but this type of activity has been going on in one form or another for pretty much since the dawn of governments. We continually launch strikes on people in other countries without any real “due process”. Honestly, I struggle with this one, but am kinda all for, because it’s a different world from years ago and frankly they’re plotting to do something to us.

Spill Baby Spill.
Did you know we are set to overtake the Saudi’s in oil production in a handful of years. How are we gonna do it? Fracking baby Think that won’t spill or have issues? And, guess what Obama supports it. All our leaders know we need oil and will for the foreseeable future.

We Are The 99%
Just from an odds standpoint he’s right. He, me, you are all likely the 99%. Anyway, the real 1% includes all politicians from both parties. If you don’t think so just do a quick Google on the worth of any of your favorite politicians. They are rich.

There are more as you can see and there were more you can’t – all up and down the side of the car. Like I stated at the beginning, I applaud and encourage this (well not stickering the shit out of your car…that’s dumb). Everyone should have their opinions and be able to voice them. What I don’t get is how people blame one party or the other. Whether they are right, left, republican or democrat face it, they’re all pretty much the same. They all have issues and none are perfect. It’s very rare that they are actually working in your best interest.

And, that’s why I am, and have been, Independent for a very long time. I’m no fan of the Republicans and certainly not one of the Dems either. I have no problem with you having a political stance, but you should have an open mind. If you think your party is always correct you are insane. Open your mind folks. Don’t be blind or brainwashed.

Read, learn and have informed opinions.

Now stop go off drink like a fish, eat a ton of food and get ready to watch us set off explosives all over the country in the name of Independence.


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9 Responses to Deep thoughts from a traffic light

  1. List of X says:

    Supposedly this driver cares about the environment, but all these bumper stickers must add so much weight that the car has to burn extra gas just to carry them around.

  2. audreymarie says:

    This is why you rock! Have a great 4th!

  3. Causal Comments says:

    All to obvious this is a righteously misguided individual. For starters, they’re not even driving a hybrid. Too bourgeois for the common Bay Area hippie I suppose. And I’m guessing those aren’t local sustainably grown hemp paper stickers inked with handmade henna. Mass production.

    Do I have concerns with what you listed? Of course. But protesting via sticker just seems to make the message get lost. I think our gov and our bumper sticker happy hippie could both benefit from a liberal dose of GooGone.

    • CubicleViews says:

      It’s funny, my daughter today was asking about what was going on in Egypt. After an abbreviated lesson in what a coup is, she says, “why don’t we do that here in America.”
      To which I replied, “do you think we need to?”
      Her, “no, i just wondered why we don’t.”
      Me, “well because we have the beauty of a peaceful transition every 4 (or 8) years.”
      Her, “well it sure looks like they’re having a good party.”
      Me, “yes it does…yes it does. Sure hope not many died.”

      That was my version of GooGone.

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