The Weekly TPS Report – July 5

Happy post 4th of July! I hope your hangover isn’t too bad and that you still have all 10 fingers.

As far as weeks go, this was a good one primarily because it was only a 3 day work week (ok 2.7 as I bailed early on Wed) and we got to celebrate our nations birthday. For those of you shaking your head out there in other countries around the globe reading this thinking, “Pfff whatever it’s the US.”, well I’ve gotta say…suck it! We may not be perfect, no one is, but it’s pretty damn good.

So how’d this week go?

  • Dexter! He’s back for one last season and now, outside of 60 minutes, my Sunday night’s are happy again.
  • A coworker approached me the other day: CV, can you approve this PO?
    Ummm, I wrote it so I think I wouldn’t need to approve it no?
    CW-well we have to have our check and balances don’t we?
    Ummm, If I wrote it and you are checking with me where is the “balances” part?
    CW-look do you approve it?
    Ummm, I approved it when I wrote it!
    CW-Thanks have a good holiday!
    <head desk>
  • Turns out our HR department has a new idea to spark creativity and build moral. They were playing the Looney Tunes theme song across cubeopolis .
  • It wouldn’t come as a shock to know that lunch is my second favorite part of the day behind going home. And, while I typically bring my lunch (saving $) on this day I went out and brought something back to my desk.
    Coworker-You got a salad for lunch (emphasis added to salad to show how the CW’s disdain coming through)?
    Me-Yup, it may be a salad (mimicking the disdain) but it’s got bacon on it so it’s an absofuckingtabulous salad!
  • In case you missed it, I had some deep thoughts this week on the commute.

In this week’s Ripped From The Headlines files:

  • Well we finally have confirmation where North Korea gets its rockets from – Russia.
  • I’ve never been a best man at a wedding and likely won’t given the age of my friends, although there is still hope now that gay marriage is coming back. So, in the off chance that someone makes me their best man, I’ve gotta start practicing my rapping because this girl just set the bar high.
  • Every once and a while you hear about people complaining that they live next to a park and it’s too noisy. Hello…it was there when you moved in, so what did you think was going to happen? That they’d all the sudden get quiet once you arrived?
    We had a similar incident here in the Bay Area although this was a business. A business located next to the largest and oldest amusement park in Northern California.
  • This week we had a treat of a good old fashioned coup in Egypt which prompted a “teachable moment” in Casa de CV with kid 2. After an abbreviated lesson in what a coup is, she says, “why don’t we do that here in America.”
    To which I replied, “do you think we need to?”
    Her, “no, i just wondered why we don’t.”
    Me, “well because we have the beauty of a peaceful transition every 4 (or 8) years.”
    Her, “well it sure looks like they’re having a good party.”
    Me, “yes it does…yes it does. Sure hope too many don’t die.”
  • Technology is great, except when it goes wrong. And, when it goes wrong in a highly publicized murder trial (which shouldn’t be national news anyway but that’s a story for another time), it goes very wrong. Rule #1 – make sure your settings are right before proceeding Mr. Prosecutor.
  • I’m all for teaching our children about the government, how it works, how we all in this glorious country have a say (in theory) in the laws that are passed, etc. But, there is a time, place, method and age for doing it and THIS is not how you do it.

Exhibit A – See the sign on the left & right.BOOQPHCCAAE57utAnd, Exhibit B…this needs no intro.

Happy First Amendment rights to teaching your child to be an asshole.


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3 Responses to The Weekly TPS Report – July 5

  1. Ned's Blog says:

    That photo of the boy with the “Stay out of my mommy’s vagina” sign could come back to haunt him if his mom ever wants to claim child support.

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