The Weekly TPS Report – July 26

Whelp, last TPS of the month. July is almost gone. they same time flies when you’re having fun. To me, time just flies. And, it seems to gain thrust as you get older. So, you’ve gotta do your best to enjoy the moments no matter how quickly they move on.

This week they moved quickly. Not because I was having fun, but because it was one of those fairly insane weeks in the office where everyone wanted everything and they wanted it yesterday.

  • Monday morning started out with over 600 unread emails and a hangover. Generally speaking, probably not the best way to start a week.
  • One of those 600, or more accurately speaking, 41 of those emails, were all on one topic. Seems some people felt that it was easier to spend countless cycles hitting “reply all” then it would have been to have a quick 10 minute discussion.
  • I had multiple days this week where technology seemed to hate on me something fierce. For example, if you are asked to enter your password multiple times a day and each time you check the box “remember my credentials”, yet it never seems to do it. Guess I’m a forgettable person.
  • I feel like every person should get 1 Get Out of HR Jail Free pass to punch that annoying coworker in the face.
  • A coworker asked me something this week:
    CW: Hey CV, would you mind reviewing this doc?
    Me: Why? It’s not like anyone reads those things.
    CW: True. Anyway, how is it?
    Me: Better than a lot of the other non-read shit.

This week in News Ripped From the Headlines…

  • The main stream media would have had you believe that the whole world was waiting on pins and needles to find out if the young royal couple was going to have a baby boy or girl.
    Me, I really didn’t care, but thought it would’ve been great if the kid had turned out to be Asian, black or something other than white. A good royal scandal just might have brought the world together.
    Also, I’d be willing to be that someone at CNN thought they should’ve gone wall to wall with Royal Vagina Watch 2013.
  • Anthony Weiner…Carlos Danger? Oh geez…no words.
  • So I’m not sure of how I feel about Snowden, but what I do know is that if you aren’t worried about all the reports coming out with regard to the NSA you really should be.

This week’s favorite search term leading people to my blog:
Case about a coworker who stalked a colleague.


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2 Responses to The Weekly TPS Report – July 26

  1. My new favorite hangout! Thanks for taking the time to do this, it really helps me not actually punch someone.

    • CubicleViews says:

      I’m glad I have helped you from not punching coworkers. But should you decide to do it please make sure it’s on video. I could create a whole new page of reader submitted mayhem. That’d be awesome.

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