How 15 minutes of my commute blew me away

I listen to a lot of talk radio in an attempt to learn something about this world, to challenge myself to hear both sides of an argument and well…maybe better myself just a little bit.

Generally speaking, I hate the news. I don’t care if you’re a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or a freaking Martian, those who deliver us the news suck at what they do and are biased.

Side note: if it’s Mars, why are they Martians with a “t” and not Marsians with an “s”??? But, I digress…

Anywho. I’ve mentioned many times how I like to listen to the Armstrong & Getty Show which is broadcast here in most of California, or via the internet – as they say, “we already have an international show.”

They are a combination of Politics, Life, Humor, and Pop Culture as seen through the eyes of two middle aged people…sound familiar? Yes, their show and topics are a lot like what I write about, minus the cubelife. And, in fact, have prompted many things I’ve discussed here.

Tuesday, they had a guest on their show, Lara Logan, CBS’s foreign affairs correspondent and a regular on CBS’s 60 Minutes. I’m a big fan of 60 Minutes and Lara. I first had a Lara moment in one of my posts back in October 2012.

I’m greatly impressed by Lara in general. No I don’t necessarily agree with everything she (or 60 Minutes/CBS) says, but again, I’m trying to see all sides and open my mind.
I recommend you try it sometime.

The interview, which consisted of a few questions asked by the A&G guys put Lara on the other side of the microphone – answering the questions vs. asking them. The discussion was primarily about the goings on in Egypt these days – she has very deep knowledge on the Middle East (Google it). In addition, it covered the US’s policy toward the Middle East and Al Qaeda.

It was phenomenal. I was truly blown away by her knowledge, delivery and passion.

If you have an opinion about our war in Afghanistan or soldiers who are fighting for your ability to do whatever you want (aka freedom), I encourage you to listen to her segment.

If you want to hear about a very well educated view of the Middle East or an incredible intelligent woman’s views on US foreign policy, I encourage you to listen to her segment.

If you want to have an open mind, learn something and possibly better yourself, I encourage you to listen to her segment.

And, if you want to be entertained in a very thought provoking way about life, politics and maybe even the views of what a middle aged person thinks about today’s pop culture, I encourage you to listen to the A&G show. You can find their podcasts and/or “listen live” button on the link above.

The Armstrong & Getty Show’s segment with Lara Logan is in the third hour of the August 20th show located here and lasts about 15 minutes.

It is well worth your time.


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  1. Causal Comments says:

    Well said.

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