Repost: August…The Sunday of Summer

With the leaves already starting to change in my neighborhood, with all the kids getting ready to head back to school (or already there) and with families taking the last of their Summer vacations, I couldn’t help but think of a post I wrote a year ago.

This post really sums up my feelings and attitudes at this time of year, so I thought it was worth a re-share with you all.

I hope you enjoy it.


Anyone who has ever spent their week days working hard to bring home the bacon lusts for the weekend. That two day break from the office where, at least in theory, we can turn off our work-brain and spend time with family and friends (or laundry).

While during the week I long and live for the weekend, what I LOVE is Summer. Summer has always been my favorite season with it’s warm, long days. Countless lazy days spent at the beach. Evenings spent with friends. Family vacations. Cold fruity drinks. Fresh vine ripened tomatoes. Watermelon and corn on the cob. Seriously, who doesn’t love Summer? And if you don’t, well we can’t be friends.

And, I got to thinking. What the weekend is to the week, Summer is to the rest of the year. (Dear SAT board, you’re welcome for this analogy. Send royalties to CV).

I know what you’re thinking, “CV, the weekend is 2 days…Summer is like 3 months…that’s not equal.” Look, I can still do simple math without a calculator (most of the time), so just hear me out.

The calendar tells us that Summer starts typically June 20th or 21st and ends around on September 22nd or 23rd (at least for us up here in the Northern Hemisphere).

Calendars schmalendars.

We’ve screwed with time so much, what with adding a “leap day” to every fourth February and moving clocks forward and backward each year, that I’m pretty sure ripped a hole in the space time continuum.

To me, it all goes back to my days as a young lad: Summer started with the last school bell of the year and ended with the first bell of the new school year. And, now that I have kids, that still holds true.

Back when I (and most likely the vast majority of you reading this) were young, our Summer was effectively 3 months long. You got out of school the first week of June and started up again after Labor Day in the first week of September.


My kids get out of school in mid-June and go back in mid-August. Two measly months. Yup, somehow a month was lost. Again, I’m convinced that screwing with space and time has caused a whole month to go poof. Either that or it was the Teacher’s Union.

I know the kids aren’t too happy about it, but let’s focus on the more important people here: Me, Mrs. CV and the other parents.

See, as parents, so much of our lives revolve around our kids. So that means that if their Summer is only two months, OUR Summer is only two months long.

Those first 4 or so weeks school is out, remind me how I feel on Saturday.

Saturday is carefree. You’ve typically stayed up way late on Friday so you sleep in. Things just seem slower on Saturdays. You hang out with your family and friends. You go to sporting events for the kidlets. You have BBQ’s. You don’t think about your job. Often you drink too much. Most times you stay up late again.

Saturdays are just like the first part of Summer. Going to the beach and pool parties. Clothing tends to get skimpier (yay for Girls In Their Summer Clothes) and we break out the Red Solo Cups. Many people head off on family vacations to far-off destinations. Yep, the first month of Summer is carefree.

On the weekends, a fun Saturday night leads to a lazy Sunday morning. You load up on coffee to shake the cobwebs from your head, have a big brunch, and then think about the chores you need to get done before the next work week begins. Somewhere in there is often a mid-afternoon nap. After you wake up and that big family dinner is being prepared, something starts creeping into your mind. But, you shrug it off.

You have a glass (or bottle) of wine during the family dinner. And, there it is again…that creeping something in the back of your mind. Except it’s bigger this time. Then it hits you.

That something is the depression over the end of my weekend and the dread of the looming work week that starts in a mere 10ish hours…75% of which I’ll be sleeping through.

Once you’ve realized what that creeping something is, the dread continues to build. You sneak a peek at your email and pray that there’s nothing marked urgent. You glance at Monday’s calendar appointments…did I forget to prepare some big presentation?

A couple weeks ago we left July behind. Holy crap time flies. It feels like just the other day I was celebrating the planets aligning. And, guess what? It’s now mid-August. To me that means only one thing. We have reached the Sunday of Summer. Summer is ending.

At this time of year I’m often reminded of a sentimental (at least to me) song: Time Stand Still, by Rush.

OK…two things: 1) I know 90% of you ladies out there are rolling your eyes thinking, “Rush? Sentimental? Really?” And, B) Yes, I also know there are TONS of awesome Rush songs out there that didn’t come from their goofy looking music video synthesizer days like this one did. But, seriously, this song (like most of them) has some great lyrics. Here’s a snippet so you know what I’m talking about.

Summer’s going fast, nights growing colder
Children growing up, old friends growing older
Freeze this moment a little bit longer
Make each sensation a little bit stronger

As August nears the midpoint I know that it’s only a matter of time before it’s too dark outside after dinner to let the kids stay out and play. I know that my tomato plants, which seems like just yesterday were sprouting their first fruit, will soon bear their last fruit and I’ll need to rip them out of the ground.

And, I’m starting to get depressed about the impending end of my favorite time of year.

Here’s the thing, I know that things change. We shouldn’t look back, but we should learn from the past. We should live for the present; to pass the evenings with a drink and a friend (thanks again Rush) and we should look forward to the…our future.

Yeah, yeah, whatever. I guess I’m just a little bitter about the present.

Freeze this moment a little bit longer

P.S. It doesn’t help that the NFL pre-season already started.
After Labor Day Dammit!


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