The Weekly TPS Report – Aug 23

Let’s wrap this week up…

  • Companies talk about how they want to increase customer satisfaction. Well, company leaders, I have a suggestion for you – how about when I enter my account number, phone number, last 4 of my social security number all by way of the automated attendant, you actually freaking use that info and remember it instead of having the live person I waited on hold for 30 minutes to talk to asks me it again? After all, it’s not like some damn criminal kidnapped me during that 30 minute period  to try and steal my cable.
  • Along those lines, Comcast talks about being The Future of Awesome. Well, I’d be super happy if the future hurried up, because The Present of Pretty Crappy is getting old.
  • I love Summer. And, I really like August. But, boy it sure does remind me of Sunday’s.
  • Every once in a while a really nice person restores my faith in humanity. Unfortunately, there are dozens of A-holes in between.
  • Believe it or not, I actually had a good commute this week. Well one of the days was good. Really it was only one of the directions. OK so it was about 15 minutes of my commute, but for a brief moment I was thoroughly enjoying it.

In this week’s Ripped From The Headlines:

  • OK NFL. We already think of you as the No Fun League with all your rules against the players having fun. But, now you are pulling this BS with fans too?
    Also, don’t you know that in most of the Bay Area of California plastic bags are against the law?
  • So, the NSA has the “capacity” to spy on 75% of Internet traffic. I think we should change the Pledge of Allegiance words to “one nation, under surveillance…”
  • Like tuna sushi? Hope you also like oily anal leakage.
    Sorry about ruining your lunch.
  • Have you seen Chelsea lately? No I’m not talking about Chelsea Handler. I’m talking about Chelsea Mandler.
    Yeah that was kinda bad but I’m calling dibs on the rights and copyright, or trademark, or whatever!
    Why should we care that a admitted treasonous traitor who now claims he is a woman?
    5 words: Your tax dollars at work. Can you say Dickadectomy?
    P.S. I claim that one too.
  • UPS said that they’re dropping health coverage for spouses for a good chunk of their employees. Which won’t get this benefit anymore? Non-unionized employees of course, because unions hold us hostage. Why are they doing it? because they estimate that Obamacare will drive their costs up over 11% next year.
    Hey non-working spouses…still think Obamacare is gonna be great?
  • I’m not sure about you, but I’m utterly sickened by what I read happened to Chris Lane in Oklahoma this week. How human beings could do such a senseless act toward another human is beyond understanding. There’s not much that I can say or do, but I do hope that justice prevails to the absolute fullest extent.
    That said, one thing that really pisses me off is the silence from those who just a few weeks ago were claiming that we need to have a nationwide discussion on race. Ya think?
    And, what’s worse, the professional race-baiter known Reverend Al Sharpton seems to be awfully quiet in this case. If he really cared about all people being equal and wanting to make a real difference you’d think he might have something to say.

This week’s Favorite Search Term That Led People to My Blog:
$15k Bottle Of Scotch At Costco

Wow. The news this week was pretty well overall shitty. Let’s hope next week kicks ass in a positive way since it’ll be the Labor Day Weekend (sorry rest of world).


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