The Weekly TPS Report – Sept 5

Labor day has come and gone. The kids are back in school. The NFL started games that actually matter this week. It’s not staying light out at night that long any more. We’re about to get into another sand country war (more on that later). And, white pants wearing days are over for until the end of May so I’m told.

What else is going on these days?

  • Pretty good week at the salt mines as it was a short one with the Labor Day Holiday here in the States on Monday. Coming back to work after a long weekend or holiday is rough. It’d be great I think if the day before and day after should both be half days. Ease in. Ease out.
  • If you haven’t played Cards Against Humanity with friends you have no idea what you’re missing. Hilarity will ensue.
    P.S. Alcohol should be mandatory.
    P.P.S. Friends with questionable pasts also helps.
  • I’ve mentioned many times about my challenges with coworkers in the bathroom. And, while there’s no way I’ll be able to change all of their behaviors, I have found a Christmas gift that will help a little. Plus, the janitors will be happier.
  • Things I overheard in the office this week:
    • “So I told Billy that if he ever needed to get rid of a body I know all the tricks.”
    • “Hey CV do you work in the east coast office?” Me: Umm no I’ve been working here in this office with you for over 5 years. Clearly I made an impression.
    • “I’d like you to fast-track this.” Me: So you want me to hurry the fuck up while you take the credit?

In this week’s Ripped From the Headlines files:

  • So the Cleveland asshole Ariel Castro killed himself this week. 1) Nice way to take the cowardly way out you prick. 2) While dying in prison my have been our goal with him, I think most of us thought it would be “prison justice” that took care of it. 3) Hey on the bright side at least our tax dollars aren’t going to have to support his sorry ass for years to come.
  • Syria. <sigh> This is one of the most complex scenarios on the planet with likely no good way out. It’s super complicated and I there’s no way I can summarize it, but hey, it’s my blog so I’m gonna go for it anyway. Hold on, this is gonna get messy…
    • The UN says chemical weapons are the ultimate No No (or maybe one stop shy of a nuke).
    • Obama “draws a red line”, then proof (it would appear as pretty much no one disputes it) comes out that Assad has used them on “the rebels”.
    • Obama says we must act against Assad.
    • The UN says we shouldn’t do anything.
    • France is with the US yet the UK is not…WTF is happening here?
    • “The Rebels” include many from Al Qaeda. Wait, weren’t they trying to kill all of us, now we’re talking about helping them?
    • The US Secretary of State John Kerry comes out strong and hard the other day saying the evidence is there and we must act forcefully, which is what Obama wants to do as well. JK looks quite Presidential.
    • Then, Obama gets feedback form the US population in addition to the UN feedback and despite having just supported kicking Assad’s ass and having John Kerry come out swinging his you know what Obama changes his mind. Looks very much not Presidential.
    • Now Obama says, hey Congress how about you all decide?
    • Oh but, Congress is on their “holiday” and won’t be back for a bit and then will need to debate it some. Latest news says they may not vote until the middle of the month. Clearly this is a “high priority issue with national importance, but maybe not as much as my golf game.”
    • Now, let’s see, say we do strike, then what? Assad is weakened? Perhaps so much that he loses power (good thing right?). Oh but wait, what happens to the tons and tons of chemical weapons he has. Well hopefuly they fall into the hands of the “good rebels” who I’m sure they’ll just dispose of them nice like. Because, if they fall into the “bad rebels” hands (aka Al Qaeda) I’m sure they won’t say “hey US I know we wanted to kill all of you, but since you helped us and all how about let’s let bygones be bygones.”
    • Meanwhile crazy Putin is strutting around calling Kerry a liar in public and spouting off about supporting Assad.
    • Further, don’t forget that Iran, Israel, Hezbollah just to name a few have vested interests in this region.
    • Further times 2, also don’t forget we have some 60+ thousand troops in Afghanistan where we are fighting Al Qaeda and other bad guys so we best hope that some strike in Syria won’t someday require troops on the ground cause 1) we don’t have many available and 2) who the hell would volunteer to fight now after the cluster fuck of the past decade plus.
    • So, now Obama looks like the weak parent who said, “if you do that one more time I’m gonna ground you” and then when they do that one more time he doesn’t ground them.
    • In a nutshell we’re up a creek that’s flowing with gasoline (middle east gas pun intended) and there are probably a half-dozen countries holding a match just waiting to drop it in the creek.
    • I bet Hillary Clinton is happy she’s not the Sec of State anymore and is out of this mess. Of course odds are when she, or whomever, runs for President in a few years she’ll end up cleaning up the mess.
  • So, I told you that was complex. Another way to look at it can be summarized by the great web cartoon The Oatmeal.

OK I’m done with the news this week. It sucks.
So, in this week’s installment of My Favorite Search Term That Lead People To My Blog, I bring you:

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 6.41.10 PM

Yeah, so there’s that.
This post exhausted me. Time to get another glass of whiskey.


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2 Responses to The Weekly TPS Report – Sept 5

  1. Elle says:

    “lost cherry to my dog” There are no words for that search engine term. 😉

    I was hoping Ariel Castro would rot in prison and thought it was bullshit that he was kept away from the prison population and had protection. Seriously?

    Can’t say that I’m surprised that he killed himself. But I was hoping he’d get a taste of his own medicine after keeping those poor women locked up all those years.

    I could go on and on about the piece of shit of a so called human being but I’ll stop myself now.

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