The Weekly TPS Report – Sept 13*

*Due to unforeseen requirements from my boss (and a smidge of laziness on my part) this report is a bit late.

  • Every once in a while one of my kids does something that makes me so proud and gives me a little bit of validation that I’m a half-good parent.
    Shame they usually ruin that feeling within the hour.
  • So I was preparing a dinner for the family on my grill. Some nice juicy chicken. Just as I was about to serve that succulent bird to my loving family, I noticed a bird had shit on my serving plate.
    Well at least the birds didn’t ruin dinner.
    Although, I think they were sending me a clear sign that my killing of their kin will result in war.
  • I came home a little early the other day to avoid the traffic and was greeted by one of my by happy dogs and a loving kid…
    “Dad, you’re home early, are you going out drinking again with Mom?”
  • I often take walks during lunch or other times for much needed breaks from work. But, those walks, which hopefully will clear my mind, often leave me confused.

In this week’s News Ripped From The Headlines:

  • Being “poor” in America is hard.
  • Competing in the Olympics has to be really hard. At least it appears so from my couch. But, at least the athletes in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are all going to have country issued team radiation suits.
  • In other news, due to atheist fanatics, we are going to scrub God from all of our nations documents. The replacement will be: One Nation Under Surveillance; and, In NSA We Trust.
  • Can one of you NSA folks reading this please revoke Dennis Rodman’s passport while he’s in North Korea visiting the little dictator so he can’t ever come back?
  • If you were put into a cryogenic state say a decade ago and woke up this week to read the news of Putin, Obama and Syria, you’d think…
    “Holy crap, the US is now a war-mongering country and the Russian’s are a peace loving diplomatic keep the world safe country.
  • Obama has an address from the White House on Tuesday to explain the dire need to strike Syria in an effort to keep the world safe (can’t do it on Monday, cause nothing is more important than Monday Night Football – insert eye rolls here). He proceeds to spend the first third of it making a case for a strike against them. Then, lays out his, “well since no one in the world is into this really, I think I’ll just let Congress decide, so never mind” strategy.
  • Putin on the other hand steps up and does a great job of bringing the Russians to the forefront of world politics again, by being a global leader for peace.
    How does he communicate this? By way of of a very well written New York Times Op Ed.
    Again, very well written, but it also amazingly hypocritical from the gay hating, throw musicians in jail for saying anything against the party voice, Russian leader.
    That said, he’s at least acting like a better leader than damn near anyone in Washington.
  • And, while all that was going down, another year post 9/11 has passed. Please don’t ever forget.
  • Also, please take a break from life and read this.


I was introduced to a new book this week called: 1,227 Quite Interesting Facts to Blow Your Socks Off. So, in an effort to give back to my readers, on a weekly basis I will now attempt to blow your socks off with some random facts from the book. Today’s Blow Your Socks Off Fact is:

One in ten European babies is conceived in an IKEA bed.


This week’s Favorite Search Term Leading People To My Blog:

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 9.43.02 AM

Have a good week everyone.


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