I give it 2 months, tops.

Two years ago today I ventured into the great WordPress wilderness by posting the first of what would become many random thoughts from my cube in, The Cubicle Views. Time flies. Back then I thought it’d last maybe two months before some other shiny object came along.

Yet, here we are. That day two years ago wasn’t really a birth, because many of the thoughts I’d go on to post about today were born in my cloudy head many years prior to that. No two years ago was more of a marriage of the thoughts in my head with the blog. Thus, it’s a blogiversary.

So, today, being my second blogiversary, I thought I’d do a modified re-post of last year’s. Sort of an update seeing as many probably never saw last year’s. Plus, it’s easier than writing a brand new one and, well, I’m lazy by nature. So…


September 16th, A Day That Will Live In Blogging Infamy.

Know what today is? Go ahead, think about it…I’ll wait.

Ok I’m done waiting, it’s my Blogiversary!

Yep, that’s right, one year ago today The Cubicle Views was born with this first post. It was a glorious Friday. OK, not really, it was like any other friggin day in the cube. A bright fluorescent-light shiny day with the typical cubicle din going on. Cubicle George was doing his usual stuff – arguing with a coworker about something they actually agreed about. WikiWally was running what appeared to be a seminar over the phone that had something to do with astrophysics. And, generally people had their talk volume knob on 11 (after all, it’s one louder than 10).

In this first year two years of The Cubicle Views, a lot has changed. For example…hmmm…well…OK so really the only thing that’s changed is that we’re all a year two years older. Pretty much everything in my little slice of cubicle heaven has stayed the same. Unfortunately.

I have, however, learned a lot in this year these years and I’d like to take a moment to celebrate the end of my blogging honeymoon by sharing with you at least some of the observations that have come to mind while blogging.


When I first thought about writing a blog, I was really worried about having enough material to keep it going and to keep people interested. Boy was that a misguided concern. Turns out that cube life has a tremendous amount of B.S. that makes for great (at least in my mind) topics. Shocking, I know.

A year Two years later and here I am with this being my 122 226th post. That’s nuts.


Oddly enough the concepts for my posts don’t actually come to me while in the office. Nope usually they come during my commute. Funny how much you can think of while spending anywhere from 1.5-2 hours a day (round trip) going to and from the office.

Heck even the commute itself spawned a post.


While the topics tend to flow pretty easy, I find the writing of an actual post rather time consuming. See when I write a post, I typically do it all in one fell swoop. I sit down and write. And, edit. And, edit. And, edit. That’s what makes it so time consuming for me – the editing. English class was never my strong suit – pretty sure that’s evident in my writing style (or lack thereof). Auto spell check and auto grammar check are two of my best writing friends. But, the real problem is the Type A perfectionist in me.


One of my biggest fears when starting the blog was what most people who write blogs probably think – Will people read this shit?

That first post had virtually no views. Not surprising given no one knew about this dude CV and his site. But, over time it has spread…not virally, more like a decent size puddle of maple syrup…slow, steady and oh so sweet. OK, very slow and mildly sweet (again in my opinion).

There have been days with not a single view on my site. And, the best day I’ve had was 231 views the day I posted The Anatomy of a Meeting. At year 2 – that one post now has over 660 views. Wow!

As of this writing I’ve hit 10, 379 22,329 views. Mind…BLOWN!


The other fear I had, and still do have, when I started this blog was being outed. No I’m not gay…not that there’s anything wrong with that (said in my best Jerry Seinfeld voice). But, I am kinda in the closet. I write stories about work primarily. All of these stories are true. Yes, that does make them even more sad, doesn’t it? But, while I’ve obviously changed the names to protect the innocent assholes, I’m always worried about putting a little too much out there and having someone say, “Dude you are so that CV guy!”

So far, still comfortably in my closet two years later.


Having said that, one of my dreams is that I’ll be hanging out with a friend, a coworker or ideally at a Starbucks and hear this, “Dude, you so have to read this guy called CV…he’s hilarious!”

Dare to dream. And, two years later, still dreaming.


Sure, writing this has been somewhat therapeutic for me, but I had always hoped that people would read it. Having people read and enjoy my posts is what makes me smile. Actually it’s more than that. Seeing that on any given day I have readers is very rewarding.

I’ve got some very loyal readers who have subscribed to the blog in one form or fashion. And, I thank you. That you readers might actually get some form of enjoyment out of this is what keeps me going.


The other thing that keeps me going is Comments. Dude, seriously, comments are like crack to bloggers. So addicting. So want more.

I had heard this concept of comments being like crack early on from some fellow blogger friends out there. However, similar to the – until you’ve had kids you don’t realize how rewarding they are (and a pain in the ass), until you’ve had comments you really can’t understand how rewarding they can be to a blogger.


Having readers and getting comments on my blog has made me read other’s blogs and comment on them more often. In my mind, that, is what I think is the viral nature of blogging.

I write. You read. You comment. I write again. I read. I comment. You right again.
The circle of blogging.


Earnest Hemingway said:

“Write drunk; edit sober.”

He had something there. Although, like anyone worth their salt, you learn from others and adapt to your needs. Thus, I tend to write drunk and edit drunker.
Again, I was far from an English major.

My drink of choice while writing is either a good red wine or a whiskey and Coke.
Side note – while there are good and bad red wines, there are no bad whiskey and Cokes.

Yup, year two and I’ve eliminated the Coke’s from my whiskey. Life needs less dilution…


Being read by others is great. Being recognized by others on their blog or via an award or being a featured writer is awesome.

I’ve been lucky enough to be a featured writer on Sudio30+, which is a great site for and of writers.

I’ve joined another community of writers with the folks over at A Nervous Tic Motion. Despite their better judgement they asked me to be one of their two token males. I think it’s all about balance really.

Also, I was featured on BlogHer as part of their spotlight. Holy crap! What an honor that was.


It’s been a pretty cool year couple of years overall. I’ve met (virtually anyway) some pretty cool people because of this little ol’ blog. And, I’ve read some really awesome stuff out there, because of this little ol’ blog.

I hope that going forward I can continue to bring you some of the stories that stem from Cell Block D (aka, the east wing of the second floor at my company’s office) that will make you laugh.
Oh, and make you comment as well.

Cheers to all of you. And, thanks for reading!


P.S. The traditional gift for one’s first year anniversary is paper. Somehow this just seemed appropriate.

Happy Blogiversary to The Cubicle Views.


And, the traditional second year anniversary gift is cotton (Google it). And, like last year, this just seemed appropriate:

Happy Second Blogiversary!



About CubicleViews

Observations, thoughts & random bitching about cube life, food, beer, wine, whiskey and sometimes politics. Living the dream in a 6×8 doorless polyester walled cell.
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7 Responses to I give it 2 months, tops.

  1. Carrie says:

    Happy Blogoversary! Making it another year in this crazy internet world is always an accomplishment 🙂

  2. List of X says:

    Congratulations! I hope your cubicle life provides just enough excitement to give you plenty of inspiration for your blog (my personal experience is that too much workplace excitement is usually not a good thing) And yes, I can totally relate with your dream/nightmare of being discovered at work.
    Well, that was just my 5 cents worth of the blogger crack. 🙂

  3. Happy Blogiversary. I’m glad you haven’t been distracted by something shiny – I look forward to reading all your rants…er commentary? explanations? observations? Whatever. You make me laugh via well-written exposes on the sad state of us drones in the cube. (Hmm, wonder if Obama’s drones are equally excited about their surveillance gigs…)

    So for your big day today, I gift with a comment. Cotton crack?

    • CubicleViews says:

      Cotton crack…umm, well…thanks I think.
      Sorry, I just have a really bad image now. I’m going to need to troll the interwebs to wipe (damn, wrong word) that thought from my mind.

      Crap (damn did it again) not working so far.

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