And Then It Rained

I live in California and it never rains here. At least that’s what my east coast relatives think. I remember when I was growing up my relatives from back east would often say, “California, that’s so cool. I hear it never rains in California.”

Clearly that’s not true. I mean, where else would we get our drinking water? From some giant desalination plant? Or, we could be like Southern California and just steal it from the north. Yeah, I went there. We have a bit of a rivalry with our southern brothers and sisters.

In reality, we get rain in California…though often not enough. Witness today. Today was the first rain of the season for all intents and purposes. Add to that it happened during a dark evening commute. And, just like that, all hell breaks loose. So, I thought I’d tell you a little bit about the tales from my commute.

  • 19 miles. 1 hour 27 minutes.
  • No fewer than 10 cars running very red lights all at separate intersections.
  • 3 accidents forcing traffic to one fewer lane and making people who are going 15 mph slow down to 5 just because you’ve gotta look at that bent bumper.
  • 2 tow trucks a light’s blazing.
  • 1 ambulance a siren roaring.
  • 2 cars burning rubber while leaving the starting line when the light turned green because the ground was wet.
  • My windshield wipers going whoosh whoosh a maximum of 20 times over that 20 miles. They don’t make an intermittent setting slow enough.
  • Caught up on my 6 podcasts.

I know what you’re thinking. This was an epic downpour and resulting flood. In fact, you’d think the roads looked like this.flooded.road

When in reality it was more like this.images-1Only it was dark. And, the grass was the road. And, the sprinkler was in the sky. You get the point.

It’s going to be a long California winter.

P.S. I know many of you have no sympathy for us as you have “real” winters. But, we have “really” shitty drivers. So there.


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3 Responses to And Then It Rained

  1. Ned's Blog says:

    I live in Oregon, so rain is a fact of life. The worst part, when all those horrible California drivers decide to retire, where do you think they move to? But at least we have log truck to thin the herd.

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