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Marketing is hard

There are many different functions in companies. Some are engineers and design the products. Some are in finance and manage the money. Some are in Sales and pimp the product to customers. Others are in HR and drive us nuts … Continue reading

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I’m not a fan of golden showers

It was a long day and I was abnormally tired when I got home. As my lovely bride was making dinner for the family she laughed and said, “what did you not get your afternoon coffee?” Yeah, after all these … Continue reading

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The wrong people are embarrassed

Let’s face it, very few of us have a job that we love. Very few of us truly enjoy what we do and go to work every day thinking this is exactly what I’d spend my time doing even if … Continue reading

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This. Every Day.

And, often two or three times a day. It really speaks for itself. God I hate meetings.

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Merry Christmas, Shitter Was Full

I hope you’ve left the office and are enjoying some time with the family this holiday week, but before you go, I thought I’d leave you with a few thoughts from years gone by in my world. It’s Beginning To … Continue reading

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When it comes to the holidays, “C” is for Clark

We have a number of Christmas traditions at Casa de CV. For example watching Christmas Vacation on Christmas Eve is a given no matter where we are for the holiday. Another tradition, making the trek up into the mountains to … Continue reading

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Now Boarding Group…It Sucks To Be You

I recently had the “opportunity” to travel for work. Hey some of us are born great, some achieve greatness and others have the curse of business travel thrust upon them by a boss who sends you instead of himself (that’s … Continue reading

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And Then It Rained

I live in California and it never rains here. At least that’s what my east coast relatives think. I remember when I was growing up my relatives from back east would often say, “California, that’s so cool. I hear it … Continue reading

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When Shit Comes To A Head

Some weeks are long and difficult. Others, typically those when I’m on vacation, go by all too quickly. Regardless Fridays are usually special. When at work there’s an air of excitement – kind of a muted adult version of when … Continue reading

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She’ll always be your Mommy

I usually try to avoid phone calls at work (OK home too. And, cell…). After all that’s why God invented voice mail. Plus, nothing good ever comes from a work phone call. See Example 1. But, here’s one I wish I … Continue reading

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