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She’ll always be your Mommy

I usually try to avoid phone calls at work (OK home too. And, cell…). After all that’s why God invented voice mail. Plus, nothing good ever comes from a work phone call. See Example 1. But, here’s one I wish I … Continue reading

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Repost: August…The Sunday of Summer

With the leaves already starting to change in my neighborhood, with all the kids getting ready to head back to school (or already there) and with families taking the last of their Summer vacations, I couldn’t help but think of … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom, Mrs. CV and all of my readers who are Mom’s. P.S. Only 34 shopping days until Father’s Day.

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The Chronicles of Costco

Some of you may have noticed my absence from the blogosphere last week as I decided to take the week off. But, contrary to some rumors I’ve heard, I was not at the BlogHer conference – although I hear it … Continue reading

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Sometimes Even Life’s Lemons Make Shitty Lemonade

I’m a family man. Like all families, we have our challenges. Some are huge and life changing. Others are small annoyances. But, in all cases we keep on keeping on down the path life takes us. People often talk about … Continue reading

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We Interrupt This Blog…

Due to having to relearn the bulk of my K-12 educational experiences in order to help my kidlets study for finals unforeseen circumstances, I will be drinking heavily and pulling my hair out temporally unavailable. Normal bitching about stuff snarky comments about … Continue reading

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Oh Shit, Grandpa’s on Facebook

I’m a pretty social person. I’ve always had quite a few friends and easily mingled between the cliques in High School. Yep I could hang with the jocks and cheerleaders just as easily as I could with the dweebs. Like … Continue reading

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Preparing to be a Hobo

I’ve got a good job (despite all of my rants). It allows me quite a bit of flexibility and pays well. It’s a means to an end really, but it could be a lot worse. The unemployment rate in America … Continue reading

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Being the VP of Family IT

It’s amazing how fast technology changes. In my work life, I’ve gone from faxes being the primary form of electronic communication, to using AOL for “electronic mail” (that’s what we called it in the day), to getting multiple hundreds of emails … Continue reading

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He Shoots, He Scores…Barely.

So, I’m driving home tonight. OK I guess you really can’t call 5-10 mph “driving”. <Take 2> So, I’m crawling home tonight in my middle-aged commuter car along with thousands of other corporate drones and listening to the some tunes. … Continue reading

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