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The Weekly TPS Report – Sept 14

Time for the weekly wrap-up. Mid September…better start your Christmas shopping. At least that’s what some of the stores are telling us. The other day was garbage day in my hood. Despite putting the cans out the night prior, I … Continue reading

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WDMW – One Big Photo

For this week’s What Distracts Me Wednesday I bring you One Big Photo. This site is simple, elegant and just plain amazing. Essentially, all this site does is post high quality, really big photos submitted by the public.

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What’s Distracting Me Wednesdays

Like many of you, I read blogs and news sites throughout the day. I’m what I refer to as a “burst worker”. Basically, that means that I work really hard in bursts and then look for a brief break before … Continue reading

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Dear Coworker, I give you fair warning.

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Click and Ask For Forgiveness Later

So there I was minding my own business, well technically minding my job for my company’s business while sitting at my desk, when my iPhone gave me that tell tale sign of a text message BUZZ! Ooooo! An electronic shiny … Continue reading

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Privacy? You don’t need no stinking privacy!

Privacy, or lack thereof, is a hot topic. People are constantly demanding to keep their privacy, yet those same people are putting all kinds of information on Facebook, Twitter, and other public sites for the world to see. It’s really … Continue reading

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A peek through the opening of my 3.5 walled cube

Had an experience last night that got me thinking (get your minds out of the gutter please). So I met a fellow blogger last night – yep, in real life! Just one of those chance come out of the ether … Continue reading

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New Years Cubicle Resolutions

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to both reflect back and look forward. In the office you are likely wrapping up thoughts on things like your goals and objectives, both made and missed through the 2011 calendar … Continue reading

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Working from home or far from working?

Work-life balance is something many companies tout as a core cultural element.  Work-life balance is something almost all employees both crave and increasingly are demanding. One of the many ways to achieve this balance is the often elusive goal of … Continue reading

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