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Sincerely All The Best Regards Love and Cheers!

There used to be a time when I looked forward to the mailman coming to my house. Would there be a letter for me?! But, those times have changed. They gave way to electronic mail and the excitement of “You’ve … Continue reading

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Dear CV – Help, I’m trapped in a conversation and I can’t get out!

Dear CV, So I was being polite as I approached a coworker this morning. I figured 15 seconds to say ‘hows it going’ ‘fine, you?” “fine.” was worth some coworker good will. 5 minutes later and a really uncomfortable discussion … Continue reading

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Forgive me readers, for I have sinned.

It’s been…um, well, maybe forever since I was last in confession? That’s partially due to the fact that I am agnostic. Oh don’t get me wrong I believe in “something” bigger, but just don’t need the structure of a religion … Continue reading

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To gift or not to gift…that is the question

There’s only about 1 work week left in the year and that means it’s “gift exchange” time.  This brings up the inevitable set of questions, like: Am I supposed to give gifts at the office? Who should I be giving … Continue reading

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Let me guess, you didn’t have a Mom.

People learn every day, whether they know it or not.  You learn while in school, from your parents, your friends, siblings, reading, TV and many other influencers over your life.  Yet as I got older, I realized just how much … Continue reading

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