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I gave them my loyalty and they gave me a card

So, there I was, in yet another airport. In what city doesn’t really matter. I was awaiting my flight after having arrived super early because “you know security can be a nightmare early in the morning with all the business … Continue reading

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The Weekly TPS Report – Jan 18

What a week! There’s been a ton of stuff going at work and around the world on so let’s get right to the weekly wrap up and my random thoughts. While in a parking lot a lady, clearly hard on … Continue reading

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Find your Newsroom.

Or, Why I should go to the grocery store for more whiskey. I like TV. I like movies. And, I like reading books. I haven’t always liked books, but I do now. Once I saw my first movie in an actual … Continue reading

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The Weekly TPS Report – July 27

If my coworker wants to go rogue, which means to leave the group and act on your own, usually in an unstable manner, you best be prepared to be on your own. Who knew that when playing Scategories with the kids … Continue reading

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The Weekly TPS Report – July 13

Wait what? It’s Friday the 13th?! How come no one warned me?  Probably best to just stay home, in bed and call in sick to work. Oh wait, that’s right I don’t get Sick Time. Regardless, I’d like to take … Continue reading

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Sometimes Even Life’s Lemons Make Shitty Lemonade

I’m a family man. Like all families, we have our challenges. Some are huge and life changing. Others are small annoyances. But, in all cases we keep on keeping on down the path life takes us. People often talk about … Continue reading

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Pack your bags, it’s field trip day!

Back in high school when I walked into a classroom and saw a movie projector (yes, we had actual movie projectors with two big reals) I got super excited. But, know what beat seeing the movie projector hands down? Field … Continue reading

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The Secret of Life…

Since the dawn of time, or at least since movies have been around, people have been trying to figure out the meaning of life. Why are we here? What’s our purpose on this big blue spinning marble? Those are just … Continue reading

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Hallelujah! Holy shit! Where’s the Tylenol?

T-minus 2 days until we leave the cube for the Christmas holiday.  I’m sure many of you are enjoying this week as it’s often a relatively slow one filled with company parties and department lunches (fyi, in case you didn’t … Continue reading

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