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Wanna get punched in the face? Schedule a meeting.

If you’re like me you spend an inordinate amount of your work day in meetings. So much of what we do involves working with others that it’s hard to avoid them. Yet, so many meetings are true wastes of our … Continue reading

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Math. Clearly You Don’t Get That Shit.

I’m pretty sure that since the dawn of time employees have complained about being over worked – even Fred Flintstone complained about Mr. Slate. Back in the day abused workers formed unions to fight the man. And yet, employees still … Continue reading

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Who knew T-ball would be a career?

Spring is on it’s way. Sure it doesn’t officially happen until March 20th (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway), but the flowers are blooming, the buds on the trees are popping and, in what I believe is just a corporate sponsored … Continue reading

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Privacy? You don’t need no stinking privacy!

Privacy, or lack thereof, is a hot topic. People are constantly demanding to keep their privacy, yet those same people are putting all kinds of information on Facebook, Twitter, and other public sites for the world to see. It’s really … Continue reading

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New Years Cubicle Resolutions

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to both reflect back and look forward. In the office you are likely wrapping up thoughts on things like your goals and objectives, both made and missed through the 2011 calendar … Continue reading

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Speak now or forever own the project

“We’ve got to increase productivity.” “We need to do more with less.” “We will only increase head count in critical path areas and this just isn’t one of those areas.” For those of us who have been in cube-land for … Continue reading

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Can I speak with you for a minute?

1 question.  8 words.  So many possible meanings. There are many things that people in the working world can say to you that will impact your day, your job, your career, heck your life.  Some are immediately obvious – You’re … Continue reading

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Working from home or far from working?

Work-life balance is something many companies tout as a core cultural element.  Work-life balance is something almost all employees both crave and increasingly are demanding. One of the many ways to achieve this balance is the often elusive goal of … Continue reading

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