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You can lead a horse to water…

…But, you can’t make them click on a website. When you are part of a team you all need to be on the same page. Sharing of information is key. As a result, much of the world today involves collaboration. There’s … Continue reading

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Find your Newsroom.

Or, Why I should go to the grocery store for more whiskey. I like TV. I like movies. And, I like reading books. I haven’t always liked books, but I do now. Once I saw my first movie in an actual … Continue reading

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Pack your bags, it’s field trip day!

Back in high school when I walked into a classroom and saw a movie projector (yes, we had actual movie projectors with two big reals) I got super excited. But, know what beat seeing the movie projector hands down? Field … Continue reading

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Who knew T-ball would be a career?

Spring is on it’s way. Sure it doesn’t officially happen until March 20th (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway), but the flowers are blooming, the buds on the trees are popping and, in what I believe is just a corporate sponsored … Continue reading

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To be a dick or not to be a dick…that is the question.

Last week a coworker mentioned to me that some others were talking about me being a “nice guy.” In the context of their discussion, it was meant as a real compliment and it honestly made me very happy. Note: People do … Continue reading

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