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Get Out The Vote, Because You Don’t Want Your House To Burn Down Do You?

In honor of tomorrow being the day where Americans exercise their right to vote and continue with this on-going experiment in democracy, I thought I’d re-post the the following. While this post, which originally aired back in May, was pretty … Continue reading

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Dear crazy emailing coworker

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The Anatomy of a Meeting

People who don’t work in Corporate America have this notion that all real business occurs in big meetings, held in big conference rooms, with big chairs, filled with people who have big egos. While Corporate America definitely has its share … Continue reading

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You Don’t Want Your House To Burn Down Do You?

I love California. I really do. It’s a beautiful state with an incredibly diverse landscape and an equally diverse population. The weather is phenomenal. And, there aren’t many places in the world where you can be on the ski slopes … Continue reading

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It’s not often that a coworker cries, Timber!

Many businesses and households are embracing the green movement in an effort to do ones part to save the environment. Whether you believe in Al Gore’s global warming ideas or not really isn’t the point. It’s tough to argue with … Continue reading

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Can I speak with you for a minute?

1 question.  8 words.  So many possible meanings. There are many things that people in the working world can say to you that will impact your day, your job, your career, heck your life.  Some are immediately obvious – You’re … Continue reading

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