Dear CV – I need escape advice

Dear CV, Now that Daylight Savings Time has long  gone and killed my evenings (darkening any workday happiness with a pitch black blanket), any advice on escape excuses during the day?  There’s only so much flickering fluorescent light one can take.

24601, Are you speaking some foreign language?  Based on your writing style being more, well…refined than mine, I’m assuming the name is based on your location in Amonate,VA.  Although I’d like to think it was based on this South Park episode. Anyway, I agree “Standard Time” blows.  Traffic increases.  You go to work in the dark and return home in the dark.  And, it’s hard to BBQ in the dark when you finally get home (lord knows I like my Q).  So the only time to get real light is during the work day.  After all, those Costco artificial sunlight lamps are the equivalent of a tofu burger – complete and utter crap.  So what to do?  Take an extra long lunch.  Go for a walk.  Find a coworker who won’t discuss work the whole time and got hang out at the coffee shop’s outdoor patio.  But, whatever you do, decline lunch time meetings.


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